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WooCommerce Google Trusted Store Plugin

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WordPress is the most popular CMS (Content Management System) in the world today. With WordPress we can easily create a website. WordPress gives us both a free version and priceless at the same time. Furthermore, WordPress helps we can create a website for all purposes, for all the objects from the company to the individual person.

And of course, WordPress also support to build the e-commerce website, and for those who have needs to build the really powerful e-commerce sites, WooCommerce is a great addition solution which very effective for WordPress website. WooCommerce is a free eCommerce toolkit for WordPress and now that is the most popular eCommerce platform on the web (stats from Builtwith). To use WooCommerce by the most effective way, we can use plugins to strengthen the e-commerce site.

Today I would like to introduce to you a plugin which supports for websites which is built based on WooCommerce. This plugin is a great plugin for those who want to improve your website credibility. That name is WooCommerce Google Trusted Store Plugin. As its name, this plugin helps you to display your Google Certified Shops badge and integrate Google trusted store script on web pages & order success page with dynamic fields.


Why should you use WooCommerce Google Trusted Store Plugin?

Today, Google is a name that is no stranger to anyone using the internet. Google is the biggest technology company in the world with the search engine world’s most popular: Google. The prestige and the influence of google for everything on the internet are not controversial.

Therefore if your website displaying Google Certified Shops badge then your site will be rated higher for users and your customers. Especially for an e-commerce site, this becomes more important, credibility is the key to making your business better, helps you have higher sales. That is exactly what developer of this plugin want to gives you.

Main features of this plugin:

  • Display your Google Certified Shops badge on your website
  • Integrate Google trusted store script on web pages & order success page with dynamic fields
  • Backend Configuration to control position of badge on frontend
  • Control dynamic variable from backend configuration like Estimated delivery days, Account number, Country etc…
  • How WooCommerce Google Trusted Store Plugin works?
  • WooCommerce Google Trusted Store Plugin provides easy configuration panel to the merchant so that they can configure all necessary fields information required to generate google trusted store badge.
  • Plugin right through injects google trusted store script at all web pages & order success page with dynamic fields required to validate scripts. The store owners can easily configuration from store back-end.

How WooCommerce Google Trusted Store Plugin works:

  • Fill Backend Option for Your Store id and Merchant Account id
  • All setting fields on the plugin’s settings pages are optional – you can leave them empty to not use them at all or only apply what you need
  • Deactivate plugin to remove effect of Google Trusted Store on site page


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