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Why Flat Design Can Improve Conversion Rates?

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In recent years, flat design style became one the of biggest and hottest design trends in the world. Flat design comes to the design world with many advantages.

And now, underwent many changes and improvements in style, the flat design 2.0 has been shaped by the designers. It has moved on from being absolute-flat to semi-flat. Flat design 2.0 is still flat, but it employs layers, contrast, and subtle shadows to give a hint of depth in an interface.

Now that we are familiar with what flat design is, let’s look at how it actually helps websites win over users.

#1 Flat Design Improves Readability

By using the simplified (minimalistic) icons and vectors instead of the complex images, flat design helps users can view and understand website content easily and brings the similar experiences whether they browsing on desktops or on mobile devices.

Moreover, flat design make content more clearly by emphasizing clear typography and sans-serif fonts. The text background also comprises of a single contrasting color.

We can say that flat design is focus in content. On comparison with other design style, the flat design can remove the clutter information and improve readability. With flat design, educating users becomes a breeze. It makes users know about the products or services with ease, then the chances of them converting increases, too.

#2 Free of Distractions

Flat design is focus on minimization. A flat design website may lack of embellishments or decorative elements but with some website, these elements will not provide value to users. This design style always steer users’ attention towards the prime content of a website.

This design style is often referred to as white space; it’s an integral part of flat design. We can take a look at Walnut; their website is clearly able to display its key differentiators using white space. With the ample white space surrounded, the flat icons and text are able to grab users’ attention, convincing them to try out the app. So, flat design helps us easily to prioritize and highlight content.

An example from GetWalnut.com

#3 Decreases Page-load Time

Reduce the page-load time is a work of all website owners and website developers.

Using flat design will be a perfect choice when you want to optimize your site’s speed but you can not cut off the content that you need to show to your users. You also can use the low-resolution images and graphics, but it may deteriorate your site design.

When make a comparison with a website which uses heavy images and graphics, flat design loads faster, with no doubt. Flat design elements have smaller file size, with the absence of gradients, serif fonts, and other skeuomorphic properties. And of course, a site with smaller file size absolutely loads quicker than the larger file size. In September 2015, Google has been changed their logo from serif font to a sans-serif one to reduce the load time of its homepage.

No doubt to say that the page-load time can directly affect the business, especially with ecommerce website. Reduce the site load time means that the conversions will increase.

#4 The SEO Advantage

Perhaps, hear like there is a bit ridiculous in here. But it’s true. As we mentioned above, the flat design can help to reduce the load-time site. And now, Google confirmed that the site loading speed is one of the top factors in SEO for websites.

Then, since flat design decreases load time for websites, it in turn helps websites with search engine rankings. With a good seo ranking, you will have more traffic from internet users, who come to make conversions.

#5 Up-to-date Look

In fact, 50 milliseconds is the average time that users impressed with a website. It means that the users spent only 0.05 seconds to decide that they like the website or not.

So, with a very very short span, what are the criterias to assess a website? Obvious it’s not content, because with 0.05 seconds, it’s not enough to read anything. And the answer is look and feel. Visitors just go to your site, look at design/UI, and form an opinion about your website.

Why flat design can help you? The flat design can help you to make the first impression to visitors with the modern look and feel of flat design influences them positively.

No coincidence that flat design became the biggest design trend in recent time and right at the moment. Flat design has accepted by the largest technology companies in the world.


Source @vwo.com

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