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What are the most common web design mistakes you can see

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Nothing in the world is perfect in every way, that is the evident truth and web design aspect is not exceptional. After asking some experts, we make a note to summarize their opinions about several web design common mistakes. We believe that this note will be actually helpful for all of you because only professional designers who have long years’ experience in this aspects can understand thoroughly about the problems as well as the effective solutions to deal with them. Let’s take a look over some opinions:

  1. Jessie White, Associate Creative Director, Instrument

According to the opinion of Jessie White, the common mistake is being inspired by web design and she had been trapped in hundreds of beautiful websites of design spiration feed. Making something strange seems to be quite crazy but it really brings you a new breath of air in creativity. The most crucial thing is in the personality of designs and it takes exploring and patience to get them to that point.

  1. Wes Bos, Full Stack Developer, and Teacher of all things web

From his point of view, the mistake is in the space of text and elements, too close. As the results, everything in the sites becomes really visually messy and visitors just want to leave your sites immediately. It had better keep clean lines and space be reasonable, more padding, more margin and more line height.

  1. Skylar Challand, Founder, Oak

He believes that the common mistake is abusing the overflow property in CSS, specifically ‘overflow: scroll.’Some people still add both vertical and horizontal scrollbars as a habit without considering if it is needed or not. He suggested that you can use overflow-y: scroll for vertical scrollbars only, or `overflow: auto` to only apply scrollbars if it is necessary. You also can enable scrollbars on your Mac to figure out what you’re missing.

  1. Melissa Showalter, Art Director, Instrument

As Melissa’s opinions, separating the design phase from the technology phase is the mistake that most designers usually make. She supposed that the creative process should be carried out step by step; you cannot take a shortcut by ignoring what you want to say and how you can persuade everyone. You can make your sites unique by exploring the technology angle simultaneously with the creative approach.

  1. Brad Frost, author of Atomic Design

This writer found the common mistake in the interaction with users as well as time issue; they can be described as follow:

  • Bloated and slow-loading pages
  • Overly-aggressive advertising
  • Popups and overlays
  • Dark patterns

What users expect is well time management; let’s offer them what they want as swift as possible.

  1. Patrick Richardson, Co-Founder, Executive Director, Franklyn

His opinion shows that the common mistake is in the way designers treat web design, similar to print design. Keep in mind that they are two different terms. Print is static and can be tightly controlled. A wonderful web design should be built based on super flexible, highly considered system. You can consider print as the cornerstone, an incredible foundation and from that, all the digital stuff can stack.

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