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Virtuemart One Page Checkout: 6 reasons that you should use

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E-commerce made sales increased and promote your fame. Business who found successfulness with virtuemart will keep finding the way to renew their website. If you are finding an extension for your website too but still worry about its compatibility, we will helps you delete this issue in this article.  Virtuemart One Page Checkout of CMSMART Company is an application that have six features fully compatibility with virtuemart joomla 3.

1/ Compatible with Joomla 3.x and Virtuemart 2.9.8: All Virtuemart sites need one page checkout to make the checkout process more simple and convenice while remaining the powerful function, your payment and customer information. And Virtuemart One Page Check Out is No HACK, 100% AJAX.

2/ Compatible with all device thanks to responsive feature: optimized for every possible layout and screen resolution. It help you display and update your product frequently to visitor with high quality of image, modem lay out and friendly frontend performance on various equipment such as mobile, laptop or tablet etc.

3/ Compatible perfectly in any store of any country for your visitors thank to it supports many popular payment methods, such as: Paypal, Paypal pro, Moneybookers, Sagepay, Check, Credit card….

4/ Compatible with all demand of website manager: control and arrange the installation of the checkout page easily including content, title and description, default shipping and payment methods, change color theme in one mouse click. Owners also decide the display methods of checkout pop-up or terms Conditions checkbox. They can require customers to check terms & conditions box before placing the order, too.

5/ Compatible with all kinds of customer: new customer and frequently customer. For first-time buyers, owners can set up default auto-selected shipping and payment methods in order to keep a save purchase for your store. For frequently customer, system has ability to save their addresses in address book then auto-fill billing and shipping addresses for them that helps customer save time and feel exciting in online shopping time.

6/ Compatible with demand of owner about the quantity of domain: CMSMART offers 3 price level suite for your purchase base on your number of domain including: 1 Domain license + $0.00, 3 Domains License + $100.00 and 5 Domain License + $180.00

It is so great that you can get six above features of virtuemart joomla 3 compatibility with only one click to install Virtuemart One Page Checkout onto CMSMART website:


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