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How to use website design to boost your conversions

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The design trends keep changing and updating quickly, the designers need to capture the trends so that adapts the need of users. Especially with ecommerce website, if there are problems in the design, it will impact negatively on user experience. If people don’t like your website, they won’t come, it means that you will have no customers and no chances to sell product.

So, you may wonder that how can you boost your sales by improving your website design? So, that’s the purpose of this article, today we will talking about the trends that you can implement in your site design in order to improve your ecommerce revenues.

Use a Full-Page Background Image

Using full-page background images instead of using lots of smaller ones can help to reduce cluttered of your site, and it seemed fits in naturally with the shopping experience. This is the way you can do to make your site to be clean and towards the customer attention to what they can potentially buy.

If you are using a full-page background image for your site, make sure that it’s a high-quality image. With images of this size, users can easily to spot the negative details of the image, so there’s no room for error.

One more thing, you should remember that you are selecting a background image which appropriate with your site and does not break the harmony of design.

Flat Design

Flat design is one of the biggest design trends at the moment. Flat design uses a series of simple colors, shapes, and lines all fitted together in order to creating a website that’s clean and uses a minimal amount of visual glitter.

Google also announced a language design based on flat design which called material design. Material design has same philosophy with flat design but it adds some additional colors into the overall design. The combine of color in this way is seen as effective for enticing users to shop.

Using the right color is very important with flat design. Each color influences certain emotions, for example, orange and red are the good colors for prompting people to make a purchase.

Card Design

Card design is a new form of design which seems really good for ecommerce websites. In brief, designer will create the “card” areas and each card will contain a short piece of text, images and some buttons. This will help users can see what they need within seconds because all information has been compacted in the card. Moreover, this method also helps to optimize for mobile easier.

Using Minimalist Buttons

Minimalist buttons have been introduced in 2014; this is a part of the flat design style. One of the most solid examples of minimalist buttons is ghost button. They can be used for a wide range of purpose, for any type of button and any type of action like browsing, shopping, sharing, etc… The marketers also can use it for marketing action, to create CTA buttons. One of the biggest advantages of minimalist buttons is they don’t disrupt the overall design, that’s why they can be used for any ecommerce websites.

The Parallax Scrolling

This is not a new trend; it has been being used in ecommerce website in recent years. Beside the advantages of parallax scrolling, the designer also needs to take caution over as it can easily become a distraction. And the distraction can completely destroy your conversion rates.

In general, experts recommend that the parallax scrolling should only be used to highlight a specific product and just use this trend if you make sure that it will contribute directly to making a sale.

Mobile Optimization – the major ecommerce marketing feature

We had talking about mobile trend so many times, but once again we should talk about that because of the important. The mobile trend is increasingly bigger and bigger, so a mobile-friendly website is a must-have thing for all ecommerce companies. If your site isn’t optimized for mobile, it means that many customers are ready to leave your site and going to turn towards a competitor.

To create a website that mobile-friendly, you can use a responsive design or create a dedicated mobile app. You can do whatever you want but make sure that it will bring the best experience for your mobile users.

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