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Top 5 innovative Ecommerce trends in coming 2017

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2016 is almost over and the coming 2017 will be promised to be an innovator’s market, if business owners still cannot understand and meet customers’ needs and catch up the new trends, the chance you are left behind is so high, and maybe, you will still be in 2016, forever. According to Internet Retailer, the online spending just in U.S made up $355 billion in 2016 and this figure may exceed $400 billion per year by 2018. In our fiercely competitive environment, your success depends on a lot on customers’ experience about your brand, is it strong enough to engage shoppers online and via mobile. If you say YES, congratulation, you are the winner in 2017.

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So, let’s spend some time to talk about 5 game changers in 2017:

  1. Continuing with mobile engagement

We are in the era of smart device, it is an undeniable truth. You can see more and more consumers divert from desktop to mobile phone shopping. I even saw some shop owners decide to completely close their desktop, just operate with their mobile platform. However, I think there is a misunderstanding, in this case, experts agree that retailers should focus on the mobile responsive website rather than just going for a mobile app. According to the data predicted by Garter, mobile revenue will skyrocket at least 50% by the year 2017 thanks to mobile engagement and the mobile behavior of shoppers.

  1. Retailers to upgrade to more payment options

When payment methods on a site are made as easy as possible, the sale revenue and conversion rate will be improved significantly. Of course, Debit & credit cards and internet banking are still the dominant payment players in the market, but there are still some people refuse to use these two methods because they suppose that using cards is insecure. You can integrate other payment methods to your sites such as MasterPass by MasterCard, Google Wallet or eBay’s PayPal.

  1. More Pop-Ups to be seen

Consumers actually hate to pop up when it appears right at the first seconds they come to the site. However, it does not mean that you ignore the pop up, I think it will stay in coming year. Let’s use it properly. Pop-up is an invitation to sign up for the newsletter or receive email on offers and sales. Most of the customers claim that they hate pop-ups because pop-ups disturb them when selecting a particular product. So, try to design it properly, avoiding annoying customers.

  1. Faster Shipping methodologies

Everybody love the fast shipping, so try to delivery products as soon as possible. If you let them wait one or two weeks, they will feel like they have to wait forever. Amazon’s vision of a crowd sourced delivery system, where regular people will deliver the products at fraction of time, will revolutionize the delivery of products. Therefore, faster shipping will be a key in 2017 to encourage your customers coming back to your store again.

  1. Contextual Shopping will be in demand

It is the new personalized shopping. Now, it is not just optional, it seems to be the prerequisite if you want to gain competitive advantages. Context-based website experience allows consumers to skip a step like logging into a site. Recently, contextual shopping has reached the higher level, brands can map the customer journey on their past orders as well as anticipate their needs and equip shoppers with the information they are really looking for while shopping.

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