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Top 3 hottest Handmade WordPress theme on the market

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Top 3 hottest Handmade WordPress theme on the market

The market for products manufactured by machine lines is always crowded with diversified items on shelves. However, there is still another market for handmade products that also attracts a lot of attention from consumers. The attractiveness of handmade is in the unique and they usually bring high personality. A lot of business owners has been successful in selling handmade items online. In this article, I will make a list of top 3 Handmade WordPress theme on the market:

  1. CraftFactory WordPress theme

craftfactory - Handmade WordPress theme

The CraftFactory theme attracts users at the first sight with its clean and modular design. If you experience more this theme, you will find that it also comes with a huge bonus for customization and a collection of colors to boost branding possibilities. Localization is provided with your purchase and a drag and drop layout creator is there for speeding up your design process.  Finally, you get five post formats and compatibility with plugins like W3 Total Cache, Yoast SEO, and Contact Form 7.

  1. Delice Plus

Delice plus - Handmade WordPress theme

This is a handmade theme which specializes in cooking and crafting. The first felling it brings to users is about the modern with the rustic, using ragged edges and playful designs with over 96 cooking and crafting icons are built into the Delice Plus theme, and the full-color control. It is also so easy for the business owner to boost their SEO ranking because Delice Plus theme comes with rich snippets and other powerful plugins. The theme looks great on all mobile and HD devices, and the WooCommmerce integration makes it much easier for you to bring in money for your efforts.

  1. Handmade WordPress theme

Handmade WordPress theme

What customers said when they first saw the Estana Handmade WordPress theme from Cmsmart is : WOW , because they are surprised at the design of cute but classic and so elegant style. There is a collection of colors, layouts, Google fonts and over 20 unique pages for you to choose. The powerful core time will allow you to customize website without writing any line of code, just choose among the multiple selections available. The aim of developer team when they designed this Handmade WordPress theme is bringing user the best experience and convenience in installing, customizing and using.

What makes Handmade WordPress theme from Cmsmart different?

That is multi vendor feature. Instead of building a theme just for a small store with one sellers on it, Cmsmart wants to target larger businesses, target people who want to connect all handmade sellers to a website. The success of marketplace model in recent years is undeniable and if we combine these two factors, the benefits you can earn will be unimaginable.

The last words,

With this top 3, hope it can bring you the helpful information if you intend to build a handmade website. Good luck to your sale!

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