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It’s time to add Shopping List Magento Extension in utility-list of your online store

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The benefits that Shopping List Extension brings to customers

The shopping list helps customer save time thanks to present an organized approach enabling the shopper to get in and get out of the store without wasting time looking for goods you do not need.

The shopping list helps customer save money. If they have a list of products need shopped they have time to check for coupons and to take advantage of certain special offers.

The shopping list helps customer shopping with fun. They can follow the list and relax because they can figure out what to buy before shopping.

The shopping list helps customer reduce waste for products which are not really necessary.

Shopping List Extension for Magento

A successful website have to maximize utility for customers. Nowadays, many extension are created in order to assist for admins improve their online store. Shopping List is a new utility that developers are researching and targeting. Now in the market place, two goods Shopping List Extension for Magneto were available: MB – Shopping List Magento Extension and Mageworx – Shopping List Extension. We will mentions some features of them for your reference.


Shopping List Magento Extension of Magebuzz is a good one…

The purpose of those extension.

Shopping List Magento Extension allows customers to create, save, and purchase their most desired products with ease. Furthermore, they can manage multiple shopping list and save products for purchasing later when they want to shop more.


  • Easy installation
  • 100% open source
  • Meets Magento programming practices
  • Life time free update


For Custumers

Magebuzz – Shopping List Magento Extension

  • Customers can add multiple products into shopping list and create product groups in Shopping List or rename the group. It is easy for management.
  • Just only by one click, customers can view all product in their shopping list, in which contains product information, listed date, name of product group, price, or they can quickly add all items in shopping list to cart.
  • Easy to remember shopping list by reminder emails sent by store owner
  • Easy to save all items in shopping cart into any shopping list or vice versa
  • The extension will help customers simply share their shopping list in public, and their friends can consider it reference or suggestion for shopping. Besides, customers can also directly send their shopping list email to anyone they want to share.
  • Customer can use Shopping list interface in the first time without difficulty.

Mageworx – Shopping List Extension

  • Allows your customers to create the lists with items/products which they purchase routinely.
  • Manage products in shopping lists (add / remove)
  • Move products to different shopping lists
  • Customers can enter the comment for each list
  • Customers can enter the comment for each item in the list.
  • Shopping lists are available only for logged-in members that motivate visitors to become registered members.
For Administrator

Magebuzz – Shopping List Magento Extension

  • Able to set time for automatically closing the popup and Ajax popup will be automatically closed up when product was added that is set by administrator
  • Able to select the product custom option, configurable products or grouped product.
  • Admin can configure available frequency for sending reminder email. Based on the configuration, customers can set their reminder time by hour, day, week or month.
  • Admin can easily customer reminder email template

Mageworx – Shopping List Extension

  • Supports all types of products and custom options
  • Allow to add simple, bundle, grouped, configurable, downloadable, virtual products, ones with preferred configurations to a shopping list
  • Chosen custom options are also saved in shopping lists

With the two above extension your website can help save the time of your customers and they will get back to you again and again. All you need to do is install powerful extensions for your store. Let do it now to increase your sales.

You can download MB – Shopping List Magento Extension: HERE


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