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Themeforest and its new competitor on e-commerce market

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On the ground of development of e-commerce, estimated until present, ThemeForest is still a leading marketplace about CMS products. However, it is no coincidence that he has been positioned as today without experiencing many difficulties. And now we together research the subjective and objective reasons to explain for why Themeforest is the leader of CMS product Marketplaces and what his new competitor – CMSmart Marketplace is doing to take over his throne.

To ThemeForest, he achieved the success as today for the following reasons.

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On objective side, Themeforest is considered as a big boss. He is marketplace pioneer in e-commerce industry; open a new place for seller, buyer and others who know, want and desire about CMS product. Naturally, e-commerce is new field but its development speed is very enormous like a giant step of mankind, contributes to the boom of digital technology nowadays.  The first original always has difficulties but it is also the chance to confirm its role and brand name as well.

With his quality system, it is managed very strictly.  If you want to submit one product on ThemeForest, it is obeyed many requirements, in which code file must be admitted international standard: clean code. Besides, the design of product is outstanding, legible and clearly that meets the requirement set up on ThemeForest, of course, it will be out if not matching with its framework.

In addition, ThemeForest policy is very flexible and stable for clients, seller and partners. The policy is very strictly and seriously, it regulates clearly to concerned-partners: Part A: The public generally, Part B: Members, and other information. It also has a support system for any help from any of you. Thus, its policies are complex and strict to sellers, this lead to some abridgment.

On subjective side, feedbacks from seller and buyer over the world show that management system of Themeforest is very standard, clarify each part, design outstandingly, submit process clearly. It has a professional staff who always support on time, control topics and threads on forum and blog, creative a dynamic open-marketplace for e-commerce.

Therefore, Themeforest have influence widely and other marketplaces are fighting to escape from his shadow. Standing right behind ThemeForest, CMSmart, Mojo and Creative Marketplace are mighty developing to catch up him. The fight among these marketplaces is unpredictable, only time can answer for this.

CMSmart – a young and powerful marketplace.


Because of being young and just born, CMSmart meets some difficulties. The influence of the oldest brother Themeforest is very large; it covers and makes other marketplace as CMSmart under its shadow. CMSmart is developing to confirm its power of young person, gets experience of the oldest brother and other friend markets, changes day by day by completing system and innovating its features. These will set premise for development for future.

Cmsmart Marketplace not only gives your products Top 1 – 5 on Google Search, does the testing process to enhance product quality, but it also helps make up your products to the strong points : redesign beautiful banner, introduction and main features imagines, rewrite the content for SEO and other the market demands. CMSmart knows that around 90% of developers are technical people and their strong points are not marketing. That why some times you cannot make more money with your great product, but CMSmart can do it for you via Google Paid Ad, SEO, Email Marketing, Forum, Testimonials, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Linkedin, Press release, Video marketing…

With the a pool of client database that trust its brand name, Cmsmart has being done business over 2 years with 10.000 real clients around the Global and over 20,000 websites, your product will be instantly approached this pool of clients without any fee. Besides, CMSmart can provide instant Version Updates to your clients via change logs system. This helps clients and sellers easily to update new version. One important thing that CMSmart commission is more preferred for sellers, they can get up to 70% cost of order, not any other markets doing that. Especially, it also provides a Centralized Support Ticket for free, helps seller connect and support your customer in time.

Whether young or old, professional or creative, Themeforest or CMSmart Marketplace, the choice is up to you. Make a wise decision for your benefits, and they always welcome all of you.

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