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4 responsive design mistake that hurt your marketing collateral

4 responsive design mistake that hurt your marketing collateral

In this digital era, consumers have no longer just interact with you through desktop, they have a tablet, smartphone, laptops, etc. It would be useless if you create really appealing and top-notch content but no one can read it on a mobile device and Google will also never appreciate your website. To minimize the risk of errors, you should invest …

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What are the most common web design mistakes you can see

what are the most common web design mistakes you can see banner

Nothing in the world is perfect in every way, that is the evident truth and web design aspect is not exceptional. After asking some experts, we make a note to summarize their opinions about several web design common mistakes. We believe that this note will be actually helpful for all of you because only professional designers who have long years’ …

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Prediction for Top 6 web design trends in 2017

web design trends in 2017

If in 2016, we observed the dominant of very simplistic and minimalist directions, it was the most outstanding trend that inspired designers most. However, in this 2017, designing aspect is so hot with the comeback of a more visually comprehensive and impactful design trend. Thanks to the supports from new technologies and software, this comeback will be the inspirations for …

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Responsive Web Design is not a trend


The advantages of responsive web design is undeniable, all website developers and designers should learn the practices of responsive web design quickly to adapt the need of users. There are many studies which have demonstrated the importance of having mobile-friendly website. According to Business.com report, there are 67 percent of consumer are willing to buy a product or use a service …

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The Color Mistakes That You Should Avoid When Designing Website


Color, in brief definition, is the thing deriving from the spectrum of light and it interacts in our eyes with the spectral sensitivities of the light receptors. The most interesting characteristic of color is that it may impress people even when they just glance it over some few second, totally different from the content that may sometimes not be understood …

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Personalizing the Mobile Experience with Responsive Web Design


Optimizing the Mobile Experience The users gradually get used to using smart devices to surf web rather than heavy and fixed computers. However, unfortunately, a lot of website owners are still loyal to the sites built for desktop computers, which will limit the traffic from mobile users. Smartphones are changing the form of the internet and websites need to tailor …

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Responsive Web Design and Mobile SEO Strategy


Mobile Internet usage has overtaken desktop internet usage in 2014 and in near future, the mobile search will overtake desktop search as well. So, in the world of internet where mobile is increasingly dominant, having a mobile friendliness website is becoming essential. SEO – a core component of your digital marketing strategy also need to change. There are many discussions …

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The Notable Web Design Trends for 2016


Like fashion trends, web design trends are also constantly changing to adapt the needs of user. The development of mobile devices has changed the habits of many web users, the number of people who accessing internet via mobile devices is increasing day by day. People are becoming increasingly impatient and user experience now becoming more important than ever. There are …

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The Anatomy of A Successful Ecommerce Web Design for Small Business


With small business, website is one of the best marketing tools. You can use your website to showcase your products, promote your products or you can sell products directly on your site. To create a successful ecommerce website, there are many aspects about design on your site that you should consider like: design, logo, color, images, navigation, etc… If you’re a …

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The Common Usability Mistakes to Avoid in Web Design


When visiting a website, the first appealing thing that attracts your attention may be the design, it may be simple or sophisticated, classic or modern. However, from the point of views of professional web designers or web users, it is just on the surface, a great appearance will not make sense if the website cannot help user deal with their …

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