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6 Effective Design Improvements for Landing Page


Here is the list of 6 effective ways to improve your landing for better UX (User Experience) and increase the conversions: Keep your layout clean Nobody likes the clutter, so a website with a cluttered layout can quickly drives user away. Text and other visual elements should be used reasonable and logical in order to transmit messages. The messy layout …

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Essential Factors When Designing UX for Millennials


What do you think about Millennial? They are not just simply people born from 1980 to 2000, they are considered as the generation that holds future on their hands as they have profound influence on most of new trends and Internet usage trend is not an exceptional. You may familiar with some of their statement like “Smartphone never leave my …

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The Essential Elements For A Successful UX Design

The explosion of information technology era can make us observe various stories about successful companies such as Amazon or Facebook. Some people may say that these firms are all lucky due to operating at the right time. However, they may have not ever thought deeper into the reason why Amazon or Facebook can dominate their marketplace over the multitude of …

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