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Responsive Web Design is not a trend


The advantages of responsive web design is undeniable, all website developers and designers should learn the practices of responsive web design quickly to adapt the need of users. There are many studies which have demonstrated the importance of having mobile-friendly website. According to Business.com report, there are 67 percent of consumer are willing to buy a product or use a service …

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How to use website design to boost your conversions


The design trends keep changing and updating quickly, the designers need to capture the trends so that adapts the need of users. Especially with ecommerce website, if there are problems in the design, it will impact negatively on user experience. If people don’t like your website, they won’t come, it means that you will have no customers and no chances …

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More About Flat Web Design Trend


In the explosion era of information technology, we can observe a lot of trends appear and develop; some of them are actually so different and unique that not all people can understand and accept at the first time. However, after a period of time, from the small start, they will grow swiftly and Flat web design trend is a typical …

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