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Product Online Designer Extension – Great solution to join personalized products market


The personalized products are more popular than ever, a recent U.K. survey conducted by Deloitte LLP shows that more than 36% of consumers say they are more interested in the personalized products. In addition, the survey also revealed that when asked people between the ages of 16 and 30, 40% of respondents said that they are attracted to personalized goods …

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The huge advantages of Store Locator Magento Extension for your online store


Many companies expand their brand by open offices or stores in different cities. But the increase in the number of branches brings more problems in the management. We have some challenges if you want to add more brands: You have to manage multiple sites at the same time with different distances. You may now be forced to manage multiple locations …

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It’s time to add Shopping List Magento Extension in utility-list of your online store


The benefits that Shopping List Extension brings to customers The shopping list helps customer save time thanks to present an organized approach enabling the shopper to get in and get out of the store without wasting time looking for goods you do not need. The shopping list helps customer save money. If they have a list of products need shopped …

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Abandoned Cart Emails Magento Extension: solutions for abandoned carts on your online store


Firstly in this article, we would like to mention about the current situation of abandoned cart. On average, 71% of all online shopping carts are abandoned without a purchase. Some people use their cart as a place to store items they don’t intend to purchase immediately but want to remember later. Others may leave a purchase unfinished because they discover …

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4 high rating Magento Full Page Cache Extension in current market place


When you create an online store and offer your products on internet, content is an important part but speed is the most essential factors that helps to increase your conversion rate. Your customers are not patient. Even a one second delay in your site response time can make a loyal come to the competition. A full page caching extension is …

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