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How to setup Online Designer Tool on WordPress website?

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What is Online Designer Tools?

According to Wikipedia, Online Designer tools a.k.a design-your-own designer, it’s a component of a website which used to design, decorate or customize products such as t-shirt, stationary or other customizable products right on website.

The Online Designer Tools were developed and used by some specific companies. But in 2007, the consumer editions became available for any printer, embroiderer or customized goods producer… and in recent years, it became more popular.

Why we should use Online Designer Tool for Printing Website?

The Online Printing Provider using their website to sell their services, customers visit website then choose the products/services and placing order. Before, customers can only choose products with fixed design, if they want to order a customized product; they need to describe the product with text or example picture, etc… However, when they receive their goods, it’s not always same as they expected.

So, with the help of Online Designer Tool, it allows website users can:

  • Select a product to design or decorate
  • Select from stock art or clipart
  • Upload their own unique design or photo
  • Add custom text
  • Add special effects such as drop shadows, glows, warping effects plus photo effects such as sepia, black and white and more.
  • Purchase their customised product

So, the online designer can reduce the incidence of unexpected goods to the lowest rates. It help customers can get the most accurate and most intuitive view of the products that they want to buy, and also help them can design the products exactly as they want. This is very useful for the online printing business, the providers of embroiderer or customized goods like t-shirt, pillow & blanket, etc…

How to setup Online Designer Tool for your WordPress site?

In market today, there are some online design tools which were developed as 3rd party plugins for website. But mostly are the plugin for some opensource CMS like Joomla, Magento, WordPress… with the websites that don’t use CMS, create an online design system is difficult and expensive.

Moreover, use the 3rd party plugins sometimes also having some problems. The developers cannot ensure that their products can work well and fully compatible with all websites, because each site has a different structure and different design.

To solve these problems, CMSmart Team has developed a comprehensive solution to build a website with online designer system, and also possesses the power of WordPress. It called WordPress Printshop Website Templates with Online Design Package. This product will bring to your website a beautiful and modern design along with full features for a multipurpose ecommerce site, especially for printing website, gifts/t-shirt or customized product stores…


This is a responsive WordPress theme which already integrated the powerful features, all you need to do is install this theme and then, after 30 minutes you will own a completed website. The online design tool has been developed to work perfectly with this WordPress Printshop theme. Moreover, this tool was developed based on HTML5 + JavaScript, it ensures your site working smoothly and eliminating the slow than other tool which used Flash technology.

The online design system will bring to your site many outstanding features such as:


If you want to find a complete solution to create a WordPress website with online designer tool, this is absolutely a perfect choice for you!

You can try the LIVE DEMO or see full details of this product by following the links below:


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