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Responsive Website Design or Mobile App?

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Choosing between two importantant things that are responsive website and mobile app is a really difficult situation for a business. The simple reason is that besides accessing the business from desktop computer, customers also desire to connect everywhere when they are moving through smartphone or tablet.

In today’s society, with business entities, mobiles app becomes a mean to approach targeted customers; therefore, both responsive website design and mobile app are needed for customers who access the business through their desktop computer and customers who use smartdevices such as smartphone and tablets frequently. It is clear that mobile app is useful medium to attract and inspiring customers to back to business, thus, company could improve their value through brand awareness.

In this situation, it had better to build and work with a platform-first website rather than do both at once.

Build a platform-first website. In case you are operating a non-technical business delivered via technology (for instance, Uber and AirBnB), how can you know whether choose responsive website design or mobile app? If you want to find answer, you should look at your company’s strategy and consider your targeted customers.

A list of more detailed questions should be made to determine and clarify your strategy:

  • What would be the best and suitable way to satisfy your target audience?
  • How are your target audience performing tasks currently that you are wishing to simplify?

Except if you are building a utility or productivity tool which is required to be on the move, like an app of to-do list, or for apps that do not need the internet connection to work..

However, mobile app still go abreast to responsive website design and add more value to it and Instagram is an strong example.

Experiment with mobile platforms. If building all mobile platform such as Window, IOS, Androi takes you a lot of money that your business’ finance can not satisfy, a responsive website appears as the reasonable choice.

Website enables all the mobile OS. You just build once and get all platforms cover, and not just desktops only. It aids in validating the traffic source.

You ought to build product with integrated analytics for getting a sense of traffic flowing from various devices. After you gain the data about which device your customers prefer to access your responsive website design, you can easily build your customized mobile app accordingly.

Brand Showcase. A responsive website can disseminate more information, educating customers regarding the brand and what it offers. You can be reached through your desktop users as well as the ones who are on-the-go.

Even though you are building a website for informing your audience regarding your brand, you can also engage them as well as new prospective through a mobile-based app.

As mentioned above, mobile app helps increase your brandawareness. Let take a look into Coca-Cola case, they did so offering its exciting iOS app. Futhermore, you can find apps as such by banks or airlines letting you perform several tasks at a swifter pace and while on move.

It is undoutable that when you build a website, you have to make it responsive, enabling mobiles and tablets. If you reject it, you loose the chance to attract a huge amount of potential customers.

Source: psddesigntohtml.com

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