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Responsive Web Design is not a trend

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The advantages of responsive web design is undeniable, all website developers and designers should learn the practices of responsive web design quickly to adapt the need of users. There are many studies which have demonstrated the importance of having mobile-friendly website. According to Business.com report, there are 67 percent of consumer are willing to buy a product or use a service on a mobile-friendly site and more than 40% said they will not return to a website that not optimized for mobile.

Today, responsive web design not only affects the user experience, it also has an impact on the ranking of the website in Google. In the algorithm updates from Google which called “Mobilegeddon”, Google has announced that “the search engine are factoring in whether a website is mobile friendly and responsive. This has made a big impact, in our case actually helping us climb in rankings because some of our competitors’ websites aren’t mobile friendly and have gone down on Google.”

The Google announcement also confirmed for the bright future of responsive web design. Today, responsive design is not only a trend, it’s a criterion for website in future and developers and designers need to keep their eyes on the transformations taking place.

Responsive Design Starts With the User

We can see that virtually every trend in responsive web desiThe Anatomy of A Successful Ecommerce Web Design for Small Businessgn is entirely focused on user behaviors and user experience. It comes with the primary goal that improves user experience. The consumer behaviors changing rapidly and the web design trends also need to change to meet the demands of consumers. Website users always want to have better experience, that’s why the websites that offer the visitor a seamless and friendly experience will get more traffic.

In fact, website owners are beginning to focus on design, typography, background videos, three-dimensional animations, and even content in their current strategies. First of all, website developers should understand how users interact with all of these media types, formats…, it will help them to find the right way to guide programs in the right direction.

Watch Customer Usage Trends

As a said above, understand customers is the key to find and create a good website design. Building a system that allows businesses gathering the data of visitor behaviors may bring a big favor. Because of the breadth and volume of website elements that visitors interact everyday is very huge; the information should be automatically generated and analyzed for testing purposes and making the strategies.

Lara Berendt from Business2Community stated that the core of responsive web design is mainly about mobility and growth, in a short period of time, it will be a great solution with lower risk, fast and more profit-friendly. While the explosion of mobile devices hasn’t signs of slowing down, responsive web design will play a key role in website development.

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