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Responsive Magento Luxury Theme

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Responsive Magento Luxury Theme is a theme which was designed and developed by Cmsmart team. If you have a high-class or luxury online store, this theme is a must-one that you should consider to use.

Not like the normal ecommerce stores, luxury store need to have something special, something to make it become more luxurious in order to bring the satisfaction to the high-class customers.

This Magento Luxury Theme owns a beautiful and elegant interface, there 8 colours schemes that users can choose and quickly change with 1 click. Moreover, responsive feature will help store owners to make mobile users satisfied.


When talking about a website, besides design, we should also pay attention to the features/functions of the website. Fortunately, luxury theme also has many powerful features that will ensure your site can adapt all the needs of customers. To learn more about this theme, we are going to discover the outstanding features in the part below:

Main Features of Magento Luxury Theme

  • Elegant & Luxury interface: focused on high-class online stores and luxury goods, this magento theme was meticulously cared for design which will bring the impression to customer from the first second on site.
  • Fully responsive design: this is an indispensable feature, it makes your site can work perfectly on every device from desktops to smartphones, tablets. This will bring the chances to increase your sales.
  • HTML5/CSS3: the latest technology for website development which makes your site work smoothly and also improve your site speed.
  • Color panel (8 colors variation) – change frontend color: 8 colors available, users can change color scheme in just 1-click.
  • Popup newsletter: this feature will help retailers can collecting customers’ email to create their own email database and use for marketing campaign.
  • Powerful header: the symmetrical header with eye-catching logo, social blocks and other blocks.
  • Checkout button: normally, customers need 2 clicks to view their shopping carts, but with quick Checkout Button on the right of header, they can quick access their cart and checkout in just one click.
  • Ajax cart: this is a new function which allows customer to follow the number of product in their cart easily and quickly. The quantity of items will be displayed on favicon.
  • Cloud zoom (product detail): if customers want to see the product images in a clearly and more detailed way, the zoom feature will be very useful.
  • Product label: by displaying product label, you can easy to drive customers’ attention toward the product in your marketing strategy.
  • Slider price filter: if customers want to find a product which suit their budget, the slider price filter will help they do it quickly.
  • Product wishlist: customers can choose the product and add to their wishlist in order to buy later. Moreover, when customers saved product to their wishlist, store owners will get a notification email and then they will know what products customers want to buy and probably run the marketing campaign to sell more.
  • Multi Languages: in order to create an international stores; this extension is a must-have one.
  • Multi Currencies: it allows customers can change currencies easily.
  • And more…


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