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Responsive Joomla Templates

Xero v1.0.1 – JoomlaBamboo Template for Joomla 3.x


Xero heralds a new era in Joomla template design. It’s a focussed feature rich and fast Joomla template that scores very high scores in google page speed and ySlow test – right out of the box.

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JM Dating v1.00 – Template for Joomla 3.x JoomlaMonster


JM Dating v1.00 – Template for Joomla 3.x JoomlaMonster We strongly advise you to get familiar with all EF4’s features since this Joomla 3 framework provides extremely powerful settings to configure that you will find totally helpful – moving you working on your site at the higher level!

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JM Financial Services v1.00 – Joomla 3.x Template for Companies


JM Financial Services is perfect Joomla 3 template for companies that manage money, help with finding best credit conditions or investing funds. In short, companies associated with financial services, insurance, accountancy or consumer finance may find this template suitable to their business purposes.

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Cashemir – Responsive One Page Joomla Template 3.x


Cashemir is a fully responsive template built to showcase your top-notch portfolios. This template made for designers, photographers, illustrators, video producers and other who need an easy, attractive and effective way to share their work with clients.

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Rasa 2 v1.0 – Template for Joomla 3.x JoomlaBamboo


Rasa 2 extends the original Rasa template that was released back in August 2011 and brings it into the responsive new world with a plethora of cutting edge design and performance features. Rasa 2 is built on our brand new Joomla 3.x template framework which offers fast performance right out of the box, flexible theming tools, extensive responsive features, dynamic and …

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Best Responsive Corporation Joomla Template In The First Quarter Of 2015


Responsive Joomla Template gives you an awesome tool to make your website look great. Those Joomla Template not only integrates many powerful features, but also help you save time in improving online sales site. It’s easy to find the 4 best  Corporation Joomla Templates in the first quarter of 2015: LT Corporation – Responsive Corporation Joomla Template Hothemes Responsive Corporate Joomla …

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Ocular v1.0.0 – Beautiful Minimalist Template for Joomla 2.5 & 3.x


Ocular is a beautiful minimalist template for Joomla. Light weight and feature packed, it refines the flat design trend and comes enhanced with Joomla overrides and custom styling. Ocular features four different color styles fully customizable to handle just about any web project and content.

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Kronos v1.0.0 – Colorful and stylish template for Joomla 2.5 & 3.x JoomlaXTC


Kronos is a colorful and stylish template for Joomla. Light weight and feature packed, Kronos features the latest in cutting edge flat design styles. Enhanced with eye popping CSS3 and JS effects, Kronos is a sure fire hit for just about any web project or website!  

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Galeria v1.0.001 – Template For Joomla 2.5 & 3.x


In a world of flat designed, full width templates with full size backgrounds our new Joomla Template “Galeria” is going another way to be popular. This Template takes your website to the next level of design! Its fully responsive with simple clean CSS3 effects and trendy fonts and colors. The “Galeria” Template gives you the best of both worlds. The …

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X2-Video v1.0.003 – One Page JoomlaPlates 2.5 & 3.x Video Theme


X2 is a modern, dynamic, high-quality One Page Joomla Video Theme. Following the trends in design, we tried to create, first of all, convenient and functional product that will not take a lot of time to configure and setup. And most importantly, it will fit almost everyone. Flat design, simple and expressive animation will make your content unique. One can go …

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