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Product Online Designer Extension – Great solution to join personalized products market

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The personalized products are more popular than ever, a recent U.K. survey conducted by Deloitte LLP shows that more than 36% of consumers say they are more interested in the personalized products. In addition, the survey also revealed that when asked people between the ages of 16 and 30, 40% of respondents said that they are attracted to personalized goods and services and 71% of these are willing to pay higher prices.

In the retail marketplace, this trend is increasing consistently. An example from PUMA – a giant sportswear brand who sells the customizable jerseys from their Arsenal FC line, sales statistics show that despite the customizable jerseys have a 30% higher price but still accounted for more than half of the total orders. This proves that consumers are willing to spend more money to own a personalized product.

If businesses can capture this trend, they will have more opportunities to increase sales and profits. In fact, there are more and more established brands and emerging retail businesses are adjusting their manufacturing practices to meet the demand for personalized products.

The U.K. based startup Knyttan is a great example to prove. This company has raised $3.1 million in seed funding to throw their hat into the customized products ring in order to build a business based on their “curated customization platform.” With their platform, they developed a digital production system that transforms industrial knitting machines into 3D printers for clothing, allowing their customers to design and order their own personalized knitwear. With this shift, they can avoid costly unsold inventory and surplus manufacturing because they just need to custom-only, with zero stock.

Launching a personalized product program is becoming easier than ever. With the development of technologies and the flexible manufacturing processes, some innovations like 3D printing allow to production the personalized products at lower costs.

According to Jud Barr, Principal at JTB Consulting, he said “If you look at a bag, a shirt, or a pair of shoes, it takes the same amount of labor to make one as it does to make a hundred; it’s all about the efficiency around that process. The truth is when you work with a solid production partner, you’re able to get custom production down to within 10%, and in some cases 2-3% of regular line production costs.”

You can start to sell personalized products right today!

Today, I will introduce you to a great solution to build an online designer tool for your website, which can help you to launch an ecommerce store to sell personalized products. That is Magento Online Product Designer Extension, this is a new extension for Magento website.


This extension will provide a powerful online designer tool for Magento website which allows customizing T-shirt, Business cards, Smartphone and tablet cases, Pillows, etc… So, your customers can freely to create/design their own products directly on your website. This online designer tool is very easy to use, your customers can use it with ease even they do not have much knowledge about design.

Here are some highlight features of this extension:

  • Great of functions, system allows you to determine the exact size and color of each regional design.
  • Powerful tool with lots of functions: zoom, move item design, preview, flip, align and so on
  • Add clipart: you can add art, change colors, move, resize, rotate, delete, flip…
  • Upload image: system allow upload file png, gif, jpg, with min and max file from your computer.
  • Manage design of customer: all design of customer will be managed in admin and you can view each design to know more information that your customers want.
  • Save and re-edit design: it allow clients save design, share and re-edit design. It is a great function to increase sales.
  • Design any product: add any type of product and build product design with colors, add text, art…
  • Product templates: creating the perfect design templates using text and images that customers can modify to create their own designs.
  • Cliparts libraries: provide design ideas to clients by upload your great art to libraries and setup price.
  • Various fonts: over 20+ fonts are included as standard and if you can’t find the one you are looking for we give you the ability to upload your own.
  • View design customer after order: customer can review own design through going to their account.
  • Easy to translate: you can go to admin and easily translate your site for any language.

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