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Prediction for Top 6 web design trends in 2017

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web design trends in 2017

If in 2016, we observed the dominant of very simplistic and minimalist directions, it was the most outstanding trend that inspired designers most. However, in this 2017, designing aspect is so hot with the comeback of a more visually comprehensive and impactful design trend. Thanks to the supports from new technologies and software, this comeback will be the inspirations for the 6 web design trend I list in this article.

  1. Subtle microinteractions

Microinteractions is not the strange term with any designers in several recent years but only when multiple new and sophisticated tools for prototyping and implementing are applied widely, have microinteractions been preferred and become the hot trend in designing world. You can see the example of Buck.tv, they are quite successful in implementing effectively microinteractions effects. Visitors all highly appreciate the hover effects with beautiful features and satisfying transitional animations.

2. Overlapping depth elements

The introduction of Google’s Material guidelines is the origin of this trend. Overlapping elements are used to create depth. In this 2017, this trend may reach the top op popularity because it is so great when you use with contrasting colors and large shadows, so attractive, so effective and so impressive. The result is amazing which helps help produce a satisfying transition between elements as the user works their way down the page.

3. Hand-drawn iconography

6 Web Design Style Predictions for 2017 (2)

Icon trends, nowadays, seem to stick hardly to web design. Some websites are so talent in using hand-draw iconography to create clean and uniform typography. They seem to make the call to action pointers like GET IN TOUCH become more attractive. That is a very smart way to increase conversion rate through using subtle contrasting visual hints.

You can refer Woocommerce Product designer plugin, a powerful tool of any printing business because it provide freely hand-draw function. So trendy product, right?

4. Colorful shape gradients

6 Web Design Style Predictions for 2017 (3)

The new website of Stripe might be the most typical example of incredibly well-received across the design industry. It can be said that we are also offered a glimpse at the styles that designers may be inspired by into 2017. One favorite style of Stripe is the shape-filled gradient header that is becoming ever synonymous with their brand. Their strategies in design for 2017 is more gradients introduced, especially in the section designers have the most ability to attract the attention.

5. Minimal mockups

6 Web Design Style Predictions for 2017 (4)

With this trend, I think we should turn back once again with the case of Stripe. They use minimal mockups as opposed to their realistic counterparts. What does it mean? Less severe, subtle flow to a website and more opportunities for the work inside the mockup to really stand out.

6. Large colored shadows

6 Web Design Style Predictions for 2017 (5)

Using shadows will continue become the hot trend in 2017, even explore more than in 2016, designers are ready to be more creative in the ways of using shadow in their designs. When combined with a colored background, as above, this style can enhance the shadowed element and overall visual design of the website.

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