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More About Flat Web Design Trend

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In the explosion era of information technology, we can observe a lot of trends appear and develop; some of them are actually so different and unique that not all people can understand and accept at the first time. However, after a period of time, from the small start, they will grow swiftly and Flat web design trend is a typical evident. In around two recent years, this trend is the topic that appears in most discussions of developers or web designers because people seem to get obsessed with the third dimension. It is clear that 3D technology is really cool but the question is why even big corporations like Apple or Microsoft cannot ignore flat design, even they want to turn back and develop it. The reasons will be offered as follow:

Block Elements

The core value of flat design is a grid-focused structure. There are several types of shapes within designs but the most common shapes are squares or rectangles and websites usually follow this block or grid formatting. Although flat design is not the only choice as well as inclines to the concept of depth, it is still a good choice for arranging page content. Each product will be listed in a block-style layout which restructures to different widths when you scroll. 2D objects are put next to each other and with the proper amount of whitespace; each factor looks like an individual shape. This might be considered the quintessential nature of flat UI design.

Simple Icons

Flat design always brings to users experiences with clean layouts and simple icons. Apple’s iOS 7 is the leader for this trend by applying only simplistic icons as the main feature in flat website layouts. Icons can be considered as the special message sending to users; therefore, flat websites typically use simple icons for conveying content (or the context of content) as easy to understand as possible.

Additionally, there is a fact that even with non-flat websites; flat icons are still highly appreciated. Overall this is one of the more defining trends of flat web design and we believe that it’s going to be around for a long time.

Lively Color Choices

Vivid and elegant colors are one of the core values when you study about cultural of this trend. Besides using vivid colors, how to mix them also could create different effects.  For example, due to applying flat design, Windows 8 & Windows Mobile Phone uses brightly colored blocks and contrasting colors to generate a more distinctive experience. Or when you look at Faktor Vier webpage, it is wonderful contrasting effect with main colors are dark grey/black along with bright pink.

Clear Spaced Typography

Minimalist layouts have adopted this same technique for typography by clearing lots of free space on the page and result is not only increasing readability but also more crisp with a higher contrast ratio. Most flat websites tend to take advantages of typography for both filling in empty space and conveying a direct message to the customers. Let’s visit Inky homepage, you can see larger text with more space between page content, and contrasting colors are used as the supporter for it.

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