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Mobile friendly website, is it necessary for your business?

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At this moment, if you still keep the question “Mobile friendly website, is it necessary for business?“, let’s see the percentage ratio below to find the answer for yourself:

– 74% visitors will turn back to your site again if it is mobile friendly

– 61% visitors will leave your site immediately if it is not mobile friendly

– 67% visitors will become your customers if your site is mobile friendly

So, what is the fact? Your customers are going to mobile! You need a mobile-friendly website because:

  1. It is what customer want and expect from you

Visitors feel tired and are fed up with sitting front of desktops or laptops, they want to access your site when they are on the go with mobile devices on their hand. However, one problem appearing is mobile phone screen is smaller than desktop and it will distort visuals on regular websites. A suggestion for you is applying a responsive website because it is able to recognize the device being used and automatically resize itself accordingly for optimal viewing.

  1. Don’t have mobile friendly website, Google may penalize you

Why this giant penalize you? If your site is not mobile friendly, it means less people access, Google will recognize that and be tend to not display it as a legitimate search result. The goal of Google is increasing search traffic including both mobile and desktop traffic, they will never want to display a website with half of results displayed are useless to mobile users. That makes sense?

  1. You will lose competitive advantages

You can say that there still are a lot of people using desktop to access your site, customers do not ditch their computers, laptop, etc. , we totally agree, but the amount of mobile users is high enough for you to start considering. Let’s satisfy your beloved customers with fast loading pages, easy navigation, and a streamlined site with great content and great products. So, there is no reason for Google to ignore you.

So, if you ask me again ” Is it necessary to have a mobile friendly website?”, my answer is yes, it will also improve your organic search amount. Moreover, I want to recommend you a product on Cmsmart that can support you to have a mobile friendly site called Magento Mobile Theme. Here are some wonderful features:


– completely compatible with any smart phones such as: Iphone, Galaxy, etc.

– easily customizing this template in backend to suitable features of your website

– Optimizing user menu with drop-down list

– multi-google font to choose in backend

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