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Magento Mobile Theme: Strongly necessary for your eCommerce websites

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Nowadays, mobile phone industry is rapidly growing up. Everyone at least have a smart phone for themselves. Only with a smart phone they can have all the world in their hand.

Applications for mobile phone are researching and improving day by day: maps, addiction, weather foresee, banking online, magazine online, office works on mobile, email and everything that you can have though the computer. So that if you are a business and you want to increase your sales you must learn about the ecommerce on mobile phone.

There are many reasons why a promotion strategy is indeed necessary:

  • Working on the phone of the people is a more and more popular habit
  • Mobile phone Compact and lightweight so that it is more convenient than computer, easier to bring with
  • Easy use everywhere you go and whenever you have free time
  • When social applications improved such as Facebook, Google+, Twitter… sharing information on internet though the phone make a powerful and fast effect

With all above mentions, boosting sales by phone is an essential way for all online store. So that, in this article we will introduce to you an application which has ability to assist your online store reach buyer closer.

Let us show what you will gain from Magento Mobile Theme – a product from CMSMART MarketPlace.


  • Magento Mobile Theme is a Magento extension which you can install into your Magento website, and set up the configuration on color, layout… and it will fit your current Magento website theme, optimize user menu with drop-down list.
  • The mobile system automatically detects the devices so that whenever your customer access your online store via mobile devices Magento Mobile Theme will switch to the mobile mode. After that you have a perfect mobile supported website and buyer can easily do shopping and payment though their mobile phone with ease.
  • User Menu with Drop-Down List will help to optimize your website thanks to ability to establish visible category depth specifically for the mobile view you can create things neat and tidy on small screen devices.
  • Responsive slideshow with various beautiful effects can support on your homepage. It make all your promotion strategy with product images more attractive and effective.
  • Install Magento Mobile Theme your website layout can be easily navigate, catalogue of products can be show vertically. This is a convenience way to foresee products on mobile phone.
  • Adding that, this Magento mobile theme support more useful features to your website such as: Instant search from any page without reloads page, Multi-languages and currencies easily to choose by drop-down list, large fonts and buttons on product page, Instant add to cart without page reloads, Horizontal picture slider.

Now you can sure that your website can get close with buyer both in computer or mobile phone. Customer will remember the profession and convenience feeling that they gain from your online store. Whenever they have shopping inspire, your online store will become #1 choice to them. Do not waste any time more, install Magento Mobile Theme now and see your sales increase

Magento Mobile Theme from CMSMART MarketPlace

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