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The huge advantages of Store Locator Magento Extension for your online store

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Many companies expand their brand by open offices or stores in different cities. But the increase in the number of branches brings more problems in the management. We have some challenges if you want to add more brands:

  1. You have to manage multiple sites at the same time with different distances. You may now be forced to manage multiple locations and oversee employees in distant offices
  2. All the information and communication plan can’t go fast because of geographical distance. Anything that cannot be sent electronically, must be mailed, which causes time delays and increased effort.
  3. Lack of team cohesiveness due to your team members will not know each other as well.
  4. Concerns over general supervision. If you have a remote office, it’s virtually impossible to see if your employees are arriving on time, working appropriate business hours or wearing proper business attire.
  5. You have many stores (dealers) across your country or around the world, customers don’t know where is nearest stores to their address. It’s hard to always control satisfaction of customer or all information of all offices or stores.

There are three point you can use in this case: Systems, Technology, and Communication.

  1. Building Systems to Manage Your Business: Manager should establish clear responsibilities, boundaries, and authority. You should make each employee’s responsibilities clear through an organizational structure combined with a system, and holds everyone accountable for delivering on their work responsibilities regardless of where they are based.
  2. Update New Technology to manage the all systems well: With the improvement of the Internet, technology has become an integral part of all organizations. It can help your organization cut down on business travel expenses and manage all task and information easier.
  3. Build good Communication for improve your team of staffs, promote communication and exchange of information to customers. This will help you create a strong systems between staffs and customers.


Magento Store Locator is an essential tool for companies which have multiple locations.

Now, in the Cmsmart market place, we have an extension which is a technology you have to update to build good communication with your customers. Its name is Store Locator Magento Extension which can help you easily manage all stores and allow customers to find nearest stores to their address. Magento Store Locator is an essential tool for companies which have multiple locations thanks to many benefits it can bring to your company

For Stores Managers:

  1. With Magento Store Locator extension, you can easily manage, add, edit or delete your stores.
  2. Tag stores with descriptive words which allows customers to easily find them later
  3. Automatically calculate longitude and latitude from store address
  4. Allow admin to upload store icon
  5. Allow to enter store information: name, email, phone, website
  6. Easily add a bulk of stores by importing from CSV file

For customers:

  1. Display stores in Google Maps
  2. Customers can choose between 2 types of Google Maps: Map & Satellite
  3. Customers can easily find direction between their address and your store
  4. Automatically get customer’s location the can automatically search for nearest stores to customer’s location
  5. Display distance between a store and customer’s location
  6. Allows customers to filter stores by descriptive tag.
  7. Works and display well on all devices

So that, Store Locator Magento Extension is a very powerful extension to improve your brands. Thanks to it is easy to implement and very customizable you can install it right now only by one click to CMSMART website.


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