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Get More Revenue With Incremental Design Changes

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If you are in eCommerce industry, you will understand thoroughly that people are satisfied when applying design; they always desire to improve and upgrade it. In this case, a question appears that is if they determine to change, what will be the ideal strategy they should apply. Yep, here are the tips for you:

Full Redesign


When considering about this question, the first common answer coming to their mind is adapting traditional full redesign strategy to transfer to completely new design.

This method can be described as follow: when the time changes, the notions of beauty also change as well. You will desire your website become more modern and attractive; you ask a professional agency to help you. After a period of time, sketching, wireframing, designing and development, new design is done and after that everyone goes back to business until the next big redesign.

It is the most common process that businesses apply; however, there are some problems.

New design will come with change in the ways to use, which is the main barrier for any users. They will have to take tons of time as well as money to start at the first point, with some people; this fact is really a nightmare. The principle “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” of Facebook or Twitter is a typical example for the reaction of loyal users.

Another significant negative impact is a risk of losing domain authority and SEO rankings. Only a few mistakes can lead to a complete SEO disaster and drop-offs in traffic and revenue.

As mentioned above, full redesign is a huge investment; therefore, cost is a problem you should think twice.

Incremental Design Changes


Although the benefits of full redesign are undeniable, higher return means that you will suffer from higher risk. If you are not ready to take risk, it still has another choice for you: Incremental Design Changes.

According to dictionary, “Incremental describes regular, measurable movements that are usually small.” Just by this brief definition, you can see the most different point between it and traditional method that is incremental redesign is a streamlined process and changes are smaller and new ideas are presented gradually. It will involve in some special parts of your website, not all.

What is A/B testing (split testing)?


How can you know which elements should we change to improve results? So simple, just doing A/B test that allows us to test design choices on real users to ensure the final positive results.

How does incremental redesign works?

  1. Deciding elements to test: Using Analytics to identify a specific page or feature
  2. Selecting an element and create a B version: From the area identified to improve in step 1, it will design a B version of that area.
  3. Test B version against the old one and evaluate results
  4. Analyzing data, choose the best one and applying it
  5. Doing the same steps for another element

Full redesign or Incremental design changes?

The answer is it depends. However, we highly recommend incremental design changes because it is more efficient strategy to maximize ROI, minimizes risk and improves your web store continually.


Souce: inchoo.net

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