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Essential Factors When Designing UX for Millennials

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What do you think about Millennial? They are not just simply people born from 1980 to 2000, they are considered as the generation that holds future on their hands as they have profound influence on most of new trends and Internet usage trend is not an exceptional. You may familiar with some of their statement like “Smartphone never leave my side” or “Millennial are keen on their Smartphone camera”. They contribute a lot in the huge amount of interaction on the Internet and it is predicted that their annual purchasing power will reach more than $200 billion by 2017.  As the results, professional also redirect their design for serving this potential market segmentation. Here are some essential factors should be keep in mind when designing UX for millennial users.

#1 Make it mobile

As some statement mentioned above, life of millennial goes closely with smartphone or smart devices; therefore, to attract and satisfy them, designers should make sure that their websites display properly and smoothly on mobile devices. The recent data reveals that the percentage of millennial owning at least one mobile phone (80%) is much higher than other generation and the time they spend for those smart devices is also considerable. Thus, practices to do are:

  • Limiting the layers of navigation to keep users engaged with the site.
  • Improving speed of loading pages
  • Defining grid and breakpoints properly for the mobile experience;
  • Core content is kept stable but mobile should be optimized (UX very tap- and swipe-friendly)
  • The core content should be unchanged in both desktop site and mobile site.

#2 Emphasize the UX

As natural, if a page has slow speed of loading and hard to navigate, millennial will not patient enough to wait, they will choose another among so many other sites out there. If this task cannot be solved, it means that you lose your profit cake into other mouths of web owners who pay more attention to UX.

The most important thing that millennial care is speed and simplicity, you can gain these two criteria by eliminating unnecessary navigation elements from the desktop version and applying a hamburger menu to reduce space used. Moreover, external factors is unavoidable, you only can minimize them by keeping design minimalist and basic, giving them only exactly what they need to accomplish tasks, whether that’s buying something or browsing news stories.

#3 Enable self-service solution on your site.

At the point of view of millennial, we are enjoying a beautiful life thanks to the convenience of high technology. They desire customer service is as easy and simple as a click to action button or sending an email, it means that they expect this service will become self-service approaches.

Millennials will be empowered to deal with customer service issues on their own directly on a site, eliminating the hassle of dealing with another person. How can you get it? So simple! A system with copious resources such as highly active, regularly monitored community and discussion forums or designing a page with FAQs, self-help tutorials and troubleshooting tips will be actually valuable.


Source @webdesignerdepot.com

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