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The Essential Elements For A Successful UX Design

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The explosion of information technology era can make us observe various stories about successful companies such as Amazon or Facebook. Some people may say that these firms are all lucky due to operating at the right time. However, they may have not ever thought deeper into the reason why Amazon or Facebook can dominate their marketplace over the multitude of competitors. Luck just takes a very smart portion of their successful and the most important thing or the key point is that they consider and be more details in creating a positive user experience.

In short, UX is the degree of how visitors are satisfied with your sites in terms of the layout, intuitiveness of the site map and navigation, the security and process of finishing transactions. By extension, it may affect significantly to all the aspects of your sites and each manager should plan and research carefully about it.

After studying and filtering, we can summary the four deciding factors that are value, usability, desirability and adaptability.

  1. Value

The aim of trading process is that you deliver customers value and receive loyalty and goodwill back; therefore, value can be considered as the intersection of this process. Before defining the value, it is necessary to understand your customers by researching demographics, where that traffic arrives from and what it can affect. Only when making that useful consideration, can you set your intended value almost the same as value customers expect.

  1. Usability

You may slow down your speed and lose your opportunities in competition with rival if applying a poor designed website. On the other hand, visitors tend to be attracted by well-structured sites that support a lot for interacting behaviors. Facebook is a typical example when they decide to change totally the role of social media with user-generated content presented explicit and its provision of additional services such as private messaging. Instead of building profile page-oriented social media platform, they design the site like a one-stop shop for communication and allow users to keep in touch with friends and family.

  1. Adaptability

As mentioned above, poor designed websites may reduce your value but this case is not really the most serious. You may encounter some disadvantages in terms of SEO if your website does not allow to be accessed by some browsers because of so much bandwidth-capping multimedia content. Therefore, we can think about the “adaptability” solution. It is the element that your content can be accessed by both new and returning users. The website should be more mobile-friendly to increase mobile interaction and encourage the widest potential visitors to stay within its pages.

  1. Desirability

A modern and professional user interface is defined as the appealing and feeling relevant of the website. A secure and credible store will have front pointing forward for retail provides confidence in sales. When the brand awareness is improved, your reputation and prominence will grow as well.

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