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Essential elements make the success of Magento web store

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If you have ever worked in any kind of online retail you might comprehend that online trading brings everyone the convenience but customers can not touch or try products on until it is shipped to their home. So, a web store should be created much like a physical store with engaging, beautiful, and user-friendly layout. There is no certain the industry standards for merchants to succeed but there are some basic factors that will set the first brick for the success of your website. Let’s read this article:

  1. Killer homepage design

Homepage is where you can showcase your brand, your best product, promotion program, that’s where you can win your clients. With online industry, people are about judging the book by its cover. Therefore, let design a homepage that pleases customers’ eyes. You can check the website of the giants, learn from them, I don’t mean you copy. Read more document about the design website, I bet you will get some great ideas. Don’t forget to use high-resolution images across the site, bring customers the real feeling.

  1. Instinctive Navigation

Navigation is one of the biggest factors that will decide your conversion rate will increase or go down. The surveys revealed that about 70% customers will stay longer if your navigation is convenient.

Navigation is considered as a filter of the website. When you create broken down product categories into logical subcategories so customers can easily find exactly what they are looking for like this:

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You can use Magento mega menu to create better navigation for your site, organize menu in horizontal or vertical. Moreover, if you want to hide price with Magento Call for price extension, make sure that CTA navigate to proper site.

  1. Smart search bar

Navigation will direct customers to a category but it cannot immediately direct you to a specific product cause dividing each product into a separate category seems too crazy. So, that’s why we need search bar. Moreover, with customers who already know about product, they can search by name or product code, much faster. So, Search function also serves as a great starting point for knowledgeable users who know what they are looking for and what specifications they have in mind for their product. Generally, Magento store uses Magento ajax search suggestion autocomplete to optimize their search bar. Be careful about the size of the bar. It should be large enough to enter longer queries involving product specification and filters.

  1. Simple checkout

Another reason for cart abandonment rather than slow loading speed or unclear search bar is a complicated checkout process. Always keep remembering to make the checkout process as simple as possible with minimal fields, only require the most essential information that you need. All in one page is the best, and you can create a simple checkout process with Magento one step checkout extension. Some fields like address can be filled automatically thanks to Geo IP technology. The best practice for an optimized checkout process is that it is free from any distractions (no pop-up ads, banners, site navigation bar etc.) and allows a user to complete the transaction with ease.

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