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6 Effective Design Improvements for Landing Page

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Here is the list of 6 effective ways to improve your landing for better UX (User Experience) and increase the conversions:

  1. Keep your layout clean

Nobody likes the clutter, so a website with a cluttered layout can quickly drives user away. Text and other visual elements should be used reasonable and logical in order to transmit messages. The messy layout cannot help you much; it just only makes you losing your message.

The Timekit team’s landing page…

So, one of the most important things with landing page is make sure that you have a clean interface, do not try to put too many elements in your page if it’s not really necessary.

  1. Grab attention — and keep it

The goal of every landing page is get people to take a single action. Many landing pages try to make the first impression with bold hero images, nspirational headlines, dynamic background videos, and engaging animations, etc… that’s a great way to hold the attention of users and keep them scrolling more. But keep in mind that presenting your content logically to keep them reading, not to see the cool animation.

Call to action (CTA) is very important element in a landing page, but do not use too many CTAs and just them reasonable to avoid the distraction. Providing few other links is okay as long as users keep moving forward on your site.

For example, we are often using “Learn More” button in landing page that link next to the main CTA. Typically, it brings people further down the page to see the information that they are looking for.

  1. Gamify your landing page FTW

Gamify-ing, this is a concept which meaning the use the elements of gameplay in context or format where they usually aren’t used. This is a great way to build the engagement with people.


A solid example of gamify is about what Google Doodle did. They brought opportunity for people to play a Moog synthesizer, decode a message with a Turing machine, or chomp on ghosts in a game of Pac-Man. Gamification is not only about fun, you also can provide the tool to educate or whatever you want as long as keep people engaging more with your site.

  1. Share your hope for sharing

The social media is a great channel to do marketing and promoting your brands/products/services. If you have an awesome product/service, how do you share it with more people? Let’s take advantages of social media for your business.

Include a social media block in your page that allows people to see your social profiles, see your social stats (liked, followed number) and a quick button to like or share your page. When users share your content, you will get more fans and improve your SEO as well.

  1. Let the numbers speak for you

Slack’s stats-driven landing page.

Before make a purchase, people always want to see the reviews from other people or see the social proofs… The fact is the meaningful stats sourced from customer survey can be a powerful proof; it has a big impact to shopping decision of consumers. Statistics provided by your actual customers give you an honest and effective way to show the value of your offering. Once consumers know the exact value of your offering, they are more likely to buy product/service.

  1. Make it easy to act

“CTAs that win are CTAs that are easy to act on”.

Consider using a sticky CTA button, it will remain in place as people scroll down the page. That saves a lot of time and effort to get onboard and make sure that users can easily to catch it. The cardinal rules of UX design is: the less effort it takes to do something, the happier people are to do it.

Of course, using sticky element is not the only one solution, you also can place your CTA button a couple of time across the page, may be at the top and footer. By removing the friction of your CTAs, your conversion rates will grow up for sure.

Source: webflow.com

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