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eCommerce tips: Strategy for 4 main types of customers

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Classify types of customer and have a suitable strategy for each types of customer are 2 important points in increasing sales of all brand and store on over the world. If definite types of customer, you can understand specifications of each group – what they need, what are they chasing and how to attract them? You can find answer of two above issue in this article and implement for your online store.

1. Group focus to price

Specifications: Customers belong to this group always spend their time to compare some shopping sites and choose the best deal. They are less loyal to a brand and are just looking for the lowest price. They can be attracted by coupons, promotions, discount codes, sales or free Shipping.

Strategy for this types of customers:

  • You have to clearly show products on sale. Use labels, icons and other visual elements to make these items stand out. If possible, create On Sale category so they can see all sale-priced items listed on one page.
  • List prices, discounts and savings, cross out retail price and show discounted one, including amount saved.
  • Define a discount based on a specific criteria. For example: free shipping for customers who buy total amount $100USD.

2. Group focus to their demand

Specifications: Customers in this group always know exactly which features and kinds of products that they need. Once they access to your online store, they want to find their planned products in a short time, if not they will leave to another shop.

Strategy for this types of customers:

  • Make search process on your site simple and easy to use. Put your search bar in a prominent place so that customers can see it immediately.
  • Create a clear organization structure so that customers will find their desired products in a few clicks.
  • Show the information of products with well-planned content and quick check out, save time for shopping of customers. They values their time so if they found what they were looking for, they want to check out as quickly as possible.

3. Group focus to brand

Specifications: Customers in this group will base on the quality and fame of brand to lay their trust. They will focus on quality of product and the price is just secondary point. This segment usually make up more than 50% of sales.

Strategy for this types of customers:

  • You have to build a trustable brand, bring customers good experiences with the store. They will come back again and again once you can bring them a professional feeling.
  • Give them a discount or reward points for their loyalty. They will feel appreciated that can encourage them to keep coming back.

4. Group of Examined customers

Specifications: Customers in this group don’t have a specific product or goal in mind. They just go and see around your store, if they find an exciting product, they will buy it eventuality.

Strategy for this types of customers:

  • Design your online store more nice and attractive in order to get their shopping fury.
  • Show detailed product description on your site. If you provide them with enough helpful data you will become their source of information and therefore turn them into buyers on your site. If they are left with unanswered questions, they will try to find the answers on other sites.

To summarize, there are many way to group customers but you should put yourself in their position and see if you have all key approaches to satisfy their varied needs. Hope that with 4 eCommerce tips about 4 groups of customers above, you will easily build strategy which suitable for each types of customers to increase yours sales.

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