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Ecommerce tips for 2015: 4 ways to success

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2014 is a burst year of mobile ecommerce. So what is the trend of 2015? In this article I will talk about 4 proclivities ,which was chosen by experts, will become the keys to get success in 2015. We hope that this article will help you get a successful year in 2015.

Now, here are 4 Ecommerce tips for 2015:

1. Mobile commerce and the omnichannel advantage 

Although the number of people using mobile phones to update information is increasing day by day, the number of people buying via mobile is not really high. Some people have a habit of watching the goods in store, but orders on tablet. So that in next year, the mobile campaign should focus to retailers with main points as bellow:

  • Easy to use and secure mobile payment options — Whether Apple Pay will live up to the hype and shine where others have failed to catch on remains to be seen. What is clear is that mobile payment options (POS or online) are a must-have.
  • Optimized mobile web — Small screens are big and companies who optimize the mobile web experience (faster load times, user-friendly, and customized presentation) will be better positioned to capture market share.
  • Hybrid shopping — Integration between brick and mortar, online, mobile commerce and other platforms will be the norm rather than a game-changer in 2015. Not only are more ecommerce merchants optimizing sites for mobile, they’re implementing mobile payment and brick meets click strategies to capture more sales.

2. Social commerce and personalized marketing 

Studies have shown that 93% of Social commerce sales of physical goods can be increased per year in the U.S., reaching $14 billions by 2015. Easy to see that socialization is an inevitable step for any business owner to overcome competitors. Social networks can help customize product and service offerings so that it is a smart choice for retailers.

In brief, in 2015 campaign social selling must be part of any ecommerce company and must be focused on bellow keys:

  • Big data and analytics — Big data will be more broadly used to understand customer behavior and shape strategies to customize offerings. Rather than assembling data siloed in the research department, companies can leverage “customers also bought,” wish lists, Facebook campaign “likes,” and Pinterest board activities to market to customers in niche product areas.
  • Responsive content and interactive design — Responsive web design with functional customized views (based on social as much as data), and personalized rather than corporate content will be a brand differentiator.
  • As-they-happen deals and sales — Target and Facebook launched a beta version of “Cartwheel,” a market disrupter that unites social web with in-store deals and real-time savings. With Cartwheel, Facebook leads the customer to his or her preferences while they are in the bricks and mortar store. Similar efforts (RetailMeNot, Coupons.com) will likely take off in 2015 and provide an opportunity for ecommerce retailers to set the standard for capturing more social web market share.

3. Shipping, inventory, and same day service (speed and accuracy at checkout)

The marketing focus to convenience shippingon and speed check out that your website provides can be a significant advantage over any competitors that don’t offer the same features. You can easy find the reason for this as bellow:

  • Shipping — It all started when Zappos offered free overnight delivery and returns at the click of a mouse. The window of delivery has since shrunk further, as companies move to same day and 30 minute delivery options.
  • Inventory control and availability — You can’t ship nothing, so ecommerce companies have had to get tighter and more accurate when making inventory visible to today’s consumer.

4. Compliance in the cart (data security, sales tax, final pricing)

Because security concerns may be one factor behind cart abandonment, reassuring customers that your site is safe is another good strategy. Effective approaches include “saying your data is safe, or putting a seal of approval from an encryption authority that says this is safe. Let the customer know the total costs before they order. Make it clear and obvious what they will cost.

There can be many reasons for a customer to walk away, and some will be impossible to resolve. If a user feels that your site is not secure they will ditch their shopping cart and probably not come back. Make sure your payment gateway is secure and PCI-DSS compliant and that your checkout page reflects that.


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