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Distinguishing between Web design and UX design

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A lot of people still feel confused when they differentiate web designer from UX designer. These two job titles are not entirely the same in terms of scope and meaning. Actually, it boils down to how people perceive about design. So, for the purpose of giving you the thorough understanding about two terms, in this article, we will mention five most differences between two of them and hope that you will gain deeper understanding about web development aspect. Now, let’s start:

  1. Web landscape

Web designers will be the people who pay attention and update continuously the changes of web landscape. They will accomplish all the latest techniques, innovation in markup, style and behavior. They are abreast with all that is latest in HTML, CSS and JavaScript and have a big time mastery in coding. On the other hand, the attention of UX designer is usually related to brainstorming ideas, sketching, refining and running user tests through the results collected from researches or surveys or in some case, they will design visuals in Photoshop.

  1. Head On Responsibilities

To be a real UX designer, you should be the master of the system coming into play for the user. A UX designer must understand thoroughly about the system coming into play for users. When they put themselves into users’ position, they can gain an in-depth understanding and they can accomplish  the context of usage and work it out for the information architecture. Web designers will care about all tasks related to aligning the interface with fonts, brands colors and identity. They need to ensure that designs fit the trend and visual is attractive enough to get users’ attention. With content, they need to place it carefully in the interface for aesthetically pleasing and easy to understand.

  1. Platforms For Choice

There is no doubt that web is a wonderful platform to design. But that is not it when it comes to creation. There are desktop software and yes, our very own native mobile apps. UX designers are open to all and handle the technologies, constraints and conventions of these platforms with skill. These multiple platforms are all governed from the users’ standpoint and hence, the execution is adapted accordingly. Web designers have tasks limited to web platform on their shoulders only.

  1. The Abilities

To be a UX designer, you should be conceptual, philosophical and physiological because you will need to deal with the tasks such as visual design, prototyping, usability testing, front-end development or data analysis. On the other hand, the requirements for a web designer are  visual, inspired and creative.

  1. Problems At Hand

With UX designers, working for user experience, they will need to deal with the problems faced by customers from the real case. Unlike web designers, UX designers will make an inventory of problems that are substantiated by factual data. Only when they can establish the problem, do they define the hypothesis, in some case, A/B split test is taken advantages to prove the hypothesis.

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