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Cost of building a marketplace and why multi store WordPress theme is the best choice

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Starting any business will always charge you a certain amount of fee. Although it seems that e-commerce store seems to require less money than physical one, the cost will still need to be considered carefully and seriously. In this post, I will show you detail on the cost of building marketplace if you by a theme and plugins separately and if you build a complete multi store WordPress theme package.

Why WordPress?

It is so easy to use even with people who don’t know anything about web management and programming; it is simple and quickly learnable. Moreover, it has Woocommerce. There are a lot of free and premium plugins available on the market, you can choose freely depending on your budget. Since we are talking about costs, it is important for us and just there we have saved some. I will show you more here.

Hosting and domain

Marketplace model will require kind of speed and powerful server usually costs around 99$ to 200$. I’m sure that you don’t want the customer to wait for an hourglass on the payment page. Domains usually cost 9$ everywhere and some hosting providers will give it to you for free. Your domain cost will actually vary according to the domain name you want.


There are a lot of theme markets out there, you can choose among hundred providers at the range of price between 39$ to 59$. Free is also good but if your website is big, paid themes are still better.


Most of the plugins mentioned above provide small to large extensions or add-on plugins which extend the feature-wise capabilities of your marketplace. The plugins at pro version are usually designed to inherit many industries leading features from the start – hence their pricing justification for the core and extensions stand. You will need to pay between $50 to $300 for each plugin you integrate to your website. The necessary plugins are usually multi vendor, color swatch, mega menu, price matrix, etc.


Although I said before that WordPress is an easy-to-use platform if you want to make everything neat, add or remove some minor changes and to get everything working in unison and hire a WordPress developer. The price varies but it will roughly be at 300$.

How about multi store WordPress theme

If you buy theme and plugins separately and then install, you might have to spend at least $860 for a simple marketplace. If you choose multi store WordPress theme from Netbase team, you just need a host and domain, and $399 for this solution. It includes all needed and strong plugins, customization will be made by long-year experience support team and if you cannot install by yourself, developers will help you, it is totally free.

The last words,

So let us add those numbers, to get a marketplace fully running, you will need a budget of 860$ on the high end and about nothing at the low end. If you choose multi store WordPress theme, it might be just $600 in maximize. Let’s consider it and good luck!


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