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The Color Mistakes That You Should Avoid When Designing Website

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Color, in brief definition, is the thing deriving from the spectrum of light and it interacts in our eyes with the spectral sensitivities of the light receptors. The most interesting characteristic of color is that it may impress people even when they just glance it over some few second, totally different from the content that may sometimes not be understood due to different languages. However, there are both sides for everything and color is not an exception. Some web designers still make some mistake with color combination when they try to make their web become more impressive. Here are some tips for you to avoid regrettable mistakes:



With neons, it is undeniable that they are so fun, spunky as well as add many pop to a design. Nevertheless, neons will not work well in every situations, it may bring visitors eyes pain feeling when they look at. Most of problems come from pairing dark or light backgrounds, neons usually distract readers from the main message in the design. A suggestion mentioned is removing some of the brightness, so there will be some dark space on screens.

Vibrating colors


Vibrating colors will appear when we pair the highly saturated colors. That colors seem to move in a blurring, at first is quite interesting but if people work with them in a long time, their eyes will feel uncomfortable. From the unpleasant, it may cause the avoidance. The decorations for Christmas are the most typical example for color offenses when people usually combine bright red and green. Two strong colors will undecipherable by people with color blindness. It had better separate them by a neutral color to create the contrast

Light on Light


It is not exaggerated that this is a common mistake for many people. It may be caused by your certain screen settings and final result is content is so hard to read, even right at the first look. Hero headers that pair an image and white text, but the text falls across a light part of the image. Words seem to be hidden. You can troubleshoot by:

  • Choosing other images with a consistently-colored background.
  • Taking advantages of a colored box for your text on top of images
  • Applying a full-color image overlay as the tool to increase contrast between the background and text elements.

Anything Rainbow – Colored


Because rainbow-colored is the combination of strong colors, it may impress users at the first sight but after that they may feel annoyed when the content is indecipherable. A solution for this situation is container-style design that enables you more flexibility with color while you create a sense of organization and flow.

Bright on Bright/Dark on Dark


This mistake is quite similar to light on light mentioned above. Some people even do not recognize that mistake when they combine similar color saturations. You should pay more attention if you use monotone color schemes. We highly recommend that you should consider multiple bright or dark colors as options for screens in a scrolling site.

Source:  designshack.net

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