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What Caused Your Site’s Search Rank To Crash?

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When your website goes down in Google ranking, a lot of negative effects will hurt the effectiveness of your business. Each web store is different and we have no common solution for all case but I will list some main reason in this article:

  1. Backlink Erosion

Google’s algorithms have gone a long journey from the beginning days when they entirely depended on incoming links to evaluate the value of a web page, but until now backlinks still matter.

When a website loses a lot of the links, it’d likely to take a dive. But one problem might come when a small amount of backlinks but they come from high-authority pages have an outsized effect, when they are removed, the result is unimaginable.

The opposite of losing good links is gaining bad links accidentally or intentionally. So-called negative SEO might be the main reason. Spend some time to look deeply and carefully into your backlink profile for evidence of links from bad neighborhoods. I recommend you to use Disavow Backlinks tool but everything has both sides, you may shoot yourself in the foot by this tool.

  1. The Competition Has Stepped Up Their Game

The competition for ranking is win-lose game, it means that when your site go up, competitors’ has to go down. In case your site goes down, the urgent task is taking a close look at their changes in terms of content, backlinks, and anything else that might cause their site to look better to Google. Looking at the whole picture will point the way to improvements for your site.

  1. Penalties And Algorithm Changes

This is the subjective reason. If web owners aren’t familiar with the rules and what Google does and doesn’t like, site ranking will be damaged. First simple step is taking a look at Google Search Console, which will tell you about any manual penalties that have been applied.

In case no manual penalties, find more information about Google’s Webmaster Guidelines, you might do some things that Google doesn’t like.

  1. Sever/ hosting issues

Google always highly appreciates the websites that offer great and positive user experience. Slow-loading sites, excessive latency, and unresponsive pages are what Google doesn’t like. Google is also so friendly when providing us some tools to improve web performances such as PageSpeed Insights, Pingdom Tools, and GTmetrix.

When your host cannot work properly as it should have, no performance optimization and it’s time to think about upgrading to faster hosting or migrating to a web hosting provider.

  1. Random Fluctuations In Rank

This might be the most frustrating type of rank change: it’s often called the Google Dance or Google Flux and that’s the problem we cannot control by ourselves. A site will lose and gain ranking with no discernible reason as Google tweaks its algorithm or some other factor changes. The only thing we can do is continuously improving our SEO and wait your website comes back to its former ranking

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