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Building marketplace becomes easier with multi store WordPress theme

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Building marketplace becomes easier with multi store WordPress theme

How multi store WordPress theme solves three major challenges of building marketplace

  • Vendors build a store on the marketplace: Marketplace is the model that allows vendors to create and customize their own store. With multi store WordPress theme, operators will have the full right to manage and disapprove if the products uploaded are inappropriate ones. Ensuring that they sell items that you want (or allow) in your marketplace is so important to get your marketplace to go the right direction.
  • Upload product and its information: If you build a marketplace with Shopify platform, uploading products might drive you crazy with a list of settings/options that is 20 items deep. Not all vendors and operators are master of programming and that’s the reason why multi store WordPress theme becomes better choice because as you know, WordPress is so famous for the user-friendly features, even when you have a little knowledge about IT. So, when uploading product and its information in multi store WordPress theme, every step becomes easy than ever.
  • Payment gateway: The same to other online web stores, the payment gateway is so important if you want to boost your sale. A payment step with multi payment gateways added and multi-currencies options are the big advantage multi store WordPress theme could bring to users.

We are saying that we can build a marketplace with a budget of less than $3000?

Yes, even it just takes you less than $500 if you choose multi store WordPress theme. I will do an interesting some math to prove my statement. Generally, when building a marketplace, you have to buy a template first. The template usually doesn’t contain enough plugins for creating a really powerful webstore. But even you choose enough plugins you want, there is still an issue that whether those plugins can be integrated to your site without any conflicts? The cost for buying theme, plugins, hiring developers to setup a site and solving if conflicts occur will be more than $500. With multi store WordPress theme, it was developed as a complete marketplace solution. What does complete solution means? It means we provide all the elements that you need to buy separately as mentioned above in just one solution. The advantage is you don’t have to cope with the conflicts occur due to third-party plugin integration. Let’s check what will you achieve with the capital budget of $399:

  • 4+ homepage layouts and 20+ pages
  • All product configuration features such as wishlist, color swatch, mega menu, quick view
  • Commissions (making sure vendors and you get paid)
  • Reviews & Recommended Products (to help close the deal, and do cross-sell)
  • The powerful core theme allows users to customize website without coding
  • Great multi-vendor features

So, building a marketplace with multi store WordPress theme is far cheaper and convenient. You can go to the demo and check how it works.

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