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5 tips to build successful handy store with Handmade WordPress theme ( part 2)

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In the previous part, I just shared the two tips on how to build a successful handy store with Handmade WordPress theme on Cmsmart. Do you find it helpful and interesting? If yes, let’s see the rest of list in this post

3. Use tag and keyword

Just adding the exact name of the image is never enough. Sometimes, customers cannot remember all words in the name, so let’s add tags and keywords people put in to search for products. Just tweaking these words a little bit, can really help potential clients find your work. Put yourself into customers’ shoes.

Moreover, let’s make your product page be as descriptive as possible, customers will love it. For example, instead of a brown notebook, you can add more information such as rosy brown notebook, vintage decoration from 1950, recycle papers. Handmade WordPress theme totally allows you to add such kind of information.

4. Is it a gift

People do not buy handmade items just for using as other items, the demand to use handmade items as the gift is really really high. So, make sure that your products fit in with key seasonal festivities such as Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day or Christmas. Such a huge benefit, don’t ignore.

Huge benefits will never just come from jewellery, glassware or ceramics, it will be from the sweet things like cupcake platters, vintage bakeware, family games, Christmas stocking fillers. Cause they are all handmade items so don’t forget to make them more giftable with nice presentation or boxes, and show your packaging in your images as well.

5. Build trust online

Even when customers haven’t bought product from you yet, you still need to communicate clearly, they are potential customers and they need safe feeling. Some tips to communicate clearly or in other words, build the trust:

  • Providing professional profiles, nice images, and feedbacks.
  • Be clear in online shipping, return policies, postage and insurance charges.
  • Providing FAQs page for each product and service.
  • Never end the process right after customers buy your product. Let’s keep contact regularly and listen to their demand, that’s the best channel for you to build the relationship.
  • Wrapping product as a gift or give customers a hand-writing thank you card included in their package will be very well received! What I want to emphasize here is you make they feel like they are special, make them feel the personal in your service, which they could never receive if they buy from major retailers.
  • Be honest and straightforward: If you only ship on Mondays, or if you are on holiday for two weeks, then let them know. If products are out of stock, let them know. Don’t make customers wait endlessly.

Hope with 5 useful tips, you can build and customize successfully an online handy store with Handmade WordPress theme on Cmsmart.

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