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5 Good Joomla eCommerce Template on MarketPlace in Apr 2015

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CMSmart is one of reliable companies which are providing extensions and templates for Joomla and Magento. In April of 2015, CMSmart continue to bring new products to users with powerful effects, many more advanced features.  Among the products that users appreciate and bestselling, it is impossible not to mention to 5 Good Joomla eCommerce Templates:

  1. Joomla Virtuemart Responsive Printing Company Template: with smart features and is designed specifically for companies providing printing services. It helps build a website with elegant interface and help improve the quality of the service printing company.
  2. JM Futura Responsive Joomla Template: is a clean, modern professional design by dark and light versions plus unlimited styling options; it is the perfect template for personal portolios, creative agencies, corporate businesses and freelance workers.
  3. LT Hotel Joomla Responsive Template: is a workhorse and powerful tool for the hotel site. It not only helps build a site admin efficient service but also help clients find information more quickly.
  4. LT Company – Responsive  Company Joomla Template: really is a tool that supports the admin are looking for. Not only designed for an impressive, unique interface it also integrates intelligent features for compatibility with popular devices and suitable for various types of business.
  5. JV Fashion Responsive Joomla Template: bring an attractive and trendy website with plenty of space for you to showcase your products. With this template for your product becomes more attractive and eye-catching, to persuade more customers more.

Powerful feature of above templates:

  • Responsive feature was designed for all of them help display well on all screen size including desktops, tablets, and smartphones. It help you display and update your product frequently to visitor with high quality of image, modem lay out and friendly frontend performance on your website.
  • K2 to help you create a true eCommerce website with the utmost professionalism. You can get the best K2 content component and Joomla default content management system. K2 helps you not only save website administrators management time, but it also allows for better performance.
  • Right to left language layout is ready for all input language and also people from all corners of the world. Everything in the template must look equally awesome in RTL mode to rock it out.
  • Those templates framework comes along with strong short-codes which help cut down on repetitive typing of HTML while adding “cool features” that are easily accessible to content creators.
  • Mega Menus allow you to see all the options available to the user at one shot and don’t require him to drill down into further sub navigations as needed. It bring the convenience for buyer to search and choose content that they need.

You will regret if you ignore those great templates which are carefully designed to make the site great. Let’s choose the template that best fits your needs right now on CMSMART Market Place.

Find more beautiful Joomla eCommerce Templates at: HERE

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