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4 tips for web development in 2017 and beyond

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Web Development tips in 2017

In design school, you might be taught a lot about the rules of designing. However,  you can not apply those rules to every case, for every website because our age is changing, there will be the new trends eradicating the old. In this article, we will talk about some web design tips you should consider for 2017 and beyond

  1. Paying attention to length of horizontal line

Let put yourself in the case that you have to move your head to read across a line of text because it is too long. How do you feel? It is not only your head but also your eyes need to move back and forth, the cognitive strain will appear as the inevitable result. Studies revealed that going from the end of one line to the beginning of the next can be subconsciously energizing; however, if that break is too long, it becomes taxing.

According to Emil Ruder, a rule to create the text that is the most comfortable to read is  50–60 characters per line ( I mean including blank spaces between words). It is also fine for a line contains from 70 to 75 characters but doing less is better. One thing I want to emphasize is you should understand and accept the compromises that go along with using lines that are too long or too short.

  1. Being flexible with images

From the point of view of designers, I understand that cropping and sizing images in careful detail are so important. Why? I don’t have the luxury of art directing down to the pixel, all your images will be changed with the responsive design on your website. The screen size of a smartphone, tablet, desktop are totally different, so the size and proportion of images need to change for each type of devices. What does it mean? It means the same image on a desktop could be a full-screen background as well as a thin banner image on a mobile phone in landscape view.

Remember that responsive design is not just a trend, it is the requirement for a great website, so you need to design for a changing environment. The focal point or subject matter should generally be toward the center of an image to ensure it can be cropped without losing meaning. This suggestion might not be true in all cases but horizontal images seem to be more versatile than vertical.

  1. Being careful with contrast

Of course, people love subtlety like using a lot of gray on white or visually separating sections with thin, delicate rules. However, it is in the standard condition because designers’ screen is always beautiful than the general public. We may get away with this stuff, depending on our audience and brand; however, you don’t want to neglect people viewing the web with low quality or old monitors, working on bright screens in dark rooms, or sitting too close or too far away. These environmental factors all affect how well and how quickly someone will understand a design. Therefore, let’s follow Goldilocks contrast, which means not too much and not too little.

You can fix the above two problems by using a theme that’s good for maximizing UX on your website. Researching the needs of our users, we recognize the essentials in setting up a theme to make it easy to create products that serve the needs of the customer directly. Education – LMS Responsive WordPress Theme was born as an education theme. There, it base on Learndash plugin that helps site owners can easily create courses, lessons, quizzes and so on. Therefore, the outreach as user demand, and drive purchases become higher.

  1. Breaking everything into separate and digestible pieces

It will be better to re-flow for responsive designs if the content is designed to be used, reused, shaped, and truncated. When designers focus on a versatile design system rather than specific layout, the efficiency will be increased significantly.

This mentality helps in other ways, too, like adding content to a website once it’s live or reusing sections of content in multiple places.

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