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4 Tips and Warnings for professional Web navigation in 2017

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professional mega menu web navigation 2017

We always believe that little changes will make a big difference and web navigation is one of the most typical examples. Something like structure and labels of your navigation may affect your results because:

  • Web navigation affects traffic: higher rank will attract higher amount of traffic volume
  • Web navigation affects conversions: The more user-friendly your site are, the more conversion rate is.

In this article, we will provide you some tips and warnings web navigation, hope you find it helpful.

  1. Be descriptive

Descriptive web navigation will not be shown in services, products or Solutions available, it should use keyphrases for SEO and conversions come in. Descriptive labels will actually good for search engines and your visitors. It will be always the great idea if you choose to use your main navigation as a place to start telling people and search engines about what you do, don’t forget to spend some time to search popular keyphrases according to the Google Keyword Tool ( say no with “services” or “solutions”)

  1. Avoiding format-based navigation

Some navigation labels usually used such as videos, photos, whitepapers, etc. web owners suppose that they tell visitors the format of the content but they are not about the topic. I mean your visitors do not come to your site just for watching videos or reading content, what they need are answers and information. Labels will not be really helpful to visitors because it is not descriptive enough. Aurora Bedford from the Nielsen Norman Group highly recommends not to use format-based navigation.

  1. Avoiding drop down menus

There are two reasons for you to consider to avoid drop down menu:

  • Good for search engines: Drop-down menu is not friendly to Google as you thought, it makes search engine hard to crawl. Regardless of how it is designed, it might still lead the problems.
  • Goof for visitors: After some usability studies, we found that drop down menus is annoying. Reason? Eyes of customers will move faster than their mouse. If menu needs to click to see, they will think that if it is necessary to click.
  1. Limitation on the number of menu items is seven

Some websites even contain hundreds of links on the home page, that’s never a good idea. It had better limit the number of links in your main web navigation, which will come with two main reasons:

  • Fewer items are good for search engines: Your homepage has the most “authority” with search engines because more sites link to your homepage than to your interior pages. Too many links on homepage will dilute the authority passed from it down to your interior pages. That is not the thing people want to meet.
  • Fewer items are good for visitors: You know Short-term memory holds only seven items, plus or minus two. Regardless, the more items in your web navigation, the more difficult the information is to remember and process for your visitors. Visually, eight is a LOT more than seven. If you have too many, visitors’ eyes may scan past important items.

You can refer some web navigation extension for your theme

You can refer some web navigation extension for your theme

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