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4 convenient features integrated in Luxury WordPress Theme

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CMSmart is a trusted name in the market applications for commercial sites. They are always looking for the optimal support and superior features.  Luxury WordPress Theme – OrdaSoft is one of the best theme and is always on the list of best-selling theme of Cmsmart. In addition to the excellent features that many themes of CMSmart have, it is integrated completely new 4 convenient features which are unique and effective drastically improve your WordPress. In the content of this article we would like to mention what are intelligent features and what are their positive influence.

1/ Social Share Icons

  • Many people use these and other social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus… to keep in touch with friends and family. And it lead to that they have a profound impact on many aspects of business and e-commerce. It allows businesses to advertise products to each customer service by interacting with customers.
  • Social Share is used to build brand awareness that can indirectly affect sales, keeping products top of mind for customers. It’s no doubt that Social media websites such as Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and Pinterest represent a huge opportunity for businesses to grab the attention of customers while simultaneously building a brand image. With Social Share Icons features, you have ability share, monitor and increase your social popularity.

2/ Compatible with all browsers

  • Compatible with all browsers means web application works with all versions of all browsers and the website has ability to support browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera and Internet Explorer 9+. Nowadays everyone’s using a different browser.
  • There are a multitude of browsers being used to view your site. How do you ensure that your web design or application will hold up in each of them? Luxury WordPress Theme can compatible with all browsers that can help you to cover and provide solutions for this issue.

3/ Powerful Jquery Effects

  • The jQuery library provides several techniques for adding animation to a web page. jQuery provides a trivially simple interface for doing various kind of amazing effects. jQuery methods allow us to quickly apply commonly used effects with a minimum configuration.

4/ Amazing fonts from Google

  • A simple and easy way to add custom google fonts to any WordPress theme without coding. This plugin integrates with the WordPress Customizer so you can preview google fonts on your site in realtime. It’s compatible with any theme. It also allows you to create custom theme specific font controls in the admin settings area to control particular css selectors.
  • Once created, these custom font controls are instantly available in the customizer no coding required. Luxury WordPress Theme make your design more attractive with amazing fonts from Google.

With 4 newest feature and many more powerful integrated in Luxury WordPress Theme, it is an smart choice for online eCommerce store of luxury products. You can easily design, build and decorate your WordPress in a unique and effective way. Let’s come to CMSMART Market place to try the LIVEDEMO version of this nice theme:live-demo-button download-now-button

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