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Essential elements make the success of Magento web store

If you have ever worked in any kind of online retail you might comprehend that online trading brings everyone the convenience but customers can not touch or try products on until it is shipped to their home. So, a web store should be created much like a physical store with engaging, beautiful, and user-friendly layout. There is no certain the …

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Magento marketplace theme: how to create irresistible Call To Action

Magento marketplace theme how to create irresistible Call To Action

The success of the marketplace business model during several recent years is undeniable but it doesn’t mean that just building a marketplace you will be immediately successful. There will be a lot of things to do. With a full solution like Magento marketplace, a lot of issues will be solved better than other normal theme but, there is something you …

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What Caused Your Site’s Search Rank To Crash?

When your website goes down in Google ranking, a lot of negative effects will hurt the effectiveness of your business. Each web store is different and we have no common solution for all case but I will list some main reason in this article: Backlink Erosion Google’s algorithms have gone a long journey from the beginning days when they entirely …

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