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15 Tips to make your eCommerce Homepage a Conversion Magnet

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15 Tips to make your eCommerce Homepage a Conversion Magnet

If you are a regular customer of the websites, you may be familiar with the term “Homepage”. In general, it is the first page a visitor navigating to a website from a search engine will see, and may also serve as a landing page to attract the attention of visitors. Most the web owners put all their effort into the alluring, convincing or seducing the visitor down the funnel, but not all of them can be successful with this task. To help you deal with this issue, we provide 15 tips for making your eCommerce homepage a conversion magnet.

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15 Tips to make eCommerce Homepage a Conversion Magnet

  • Give them an Ever-present Search Box

You should make sure that your search bar is presented everywhere so that visitors can explore any hidden corners of your homepage because when they are in the bottom of your page, they tend to be lazy to scroll all the way up only to find the search box.

  • Organize the Navigation Bar

Despite different preferences and tastes, the common characteristic of most online buyers is leaving if the website is poor navigation. Switching cost for buyers in this industry is really low and you should make sure your visitors easily find their way around your website by placing the navigation bar at the standard and reasonable positions (horizontally on top and vertically on left).

  • Use Browsing History for Personalization

Generating a personalized customer experience is the next crucial thing in eCommerce. Data such as location, traffic sources, what customers bought and what pages they viewed can greatly improve customer service and foster loyalty.

  • Have a Persistent Shopping Cart

A long-term cookie established will allows customers to view their cart during subsequent sessions for a given period of time. Owning a persistent shopping cart can go a long way in checking cart abandonment, the reason comes from the fact that 24% of customers leave shopping carts so that they can come back and purchase later.

  • Announce Location and Phone Number

The truth is that websites for real business purpose are many but the fake is also not few; therefore, visitors tend to be suspicious and apprehensive. Displaying your board line number and physical location of the company is a great idea to build trust with customers and prove that you are not a crook.

  • Flaunt Popular Partners and Associates

Sometimes, lack of a few things does not matter; you can totally borrow it from your friend or colleagues. If you are not a name to reckon with, flaunt your famous partners’ names. That’s ok to increase your credibility.

  • Have an Easily Identifiable Sale Section

E-tailing Group study reveals that 47% of online shoppers desire to buy only discounted products and 62% of buyers are looking for a separate section of products on sale. So, all you need is displaying all the discounted products on your homepage, lining them up in a separate section and dedicating it to the discount seekers.

  • Declare Free Shipping

Even when you offer low-cost products but they can become not really cheap with your customers due to shipping cost added; cart abandonment can occur. If you charge no fee for shipping, let’s declare it, it just like you extend a hand for a warm handshake but get a high-five in return.

  • Bring All ‘Ways to Save’ Under One Roof

Customers will feel actually thankful if you offer them discounts or freebies on your website through coupon codes, loyalty points and newspaper cuttings and design a one-stop bar or menu for them.

  • Make Use of a Cool Modal Box

A homepage with too much different highlight elements will cause confusion to visitors. Modal windows will enable you to drop off a big element and instead make it float above the page. It helps the user deal with the trouble of loading a new page and offloads some burden off the shoulders of the main page.

  • Launch a Live Chat Widget

When you invest in a live chat software, you will be able to get the information about how long visitors are staying on a page, where they come from, which can help you hand hold them down the sales funnel.

  • Use Life-size Background Image

The truth is that the number of images is not really crucial, even a single image conveys messages a lot more than a dozen elements put together. An appealing image can show high-quality, care and aesthetic sense.

  • Don’t Blindly Trust the Trust Badges

Actual Insights provides the data from their study that 75.66 shoppers admit trust logos can affect their sense of trust for a specific website but the same percentage of respondents also express that they once did not purchase a product as they could not recognize any of the trust logos.

  • A/B What Products to Display

The homepage is not a wide place and it cannot display all your products and services. We highly recommend that only the most popular or the most desired products should be placed on the homepage. You can totally finish this task by running A/B test.

  • Create Scarcity to Get Them Hooked

Now, this kind of tactic is usually reserved for the category or product pages. But when looking into Sohofixed example, they reversed the trend by displaying a beautiful bike on its homepage and writing an apologetic “Sold” under it to get the visitor interested. It almost makes you feel sorry for yourself for not being able to possess that bike.

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