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10 key for a professional e-commerce website (Part 1)

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A professional e-commerce website at CMSmart

The business in e-commerce looking for automatic solutions, based website platform to increased effectiveness and reduce cost. To compete in the digital technology boom, it’s important to have a professional e-commerce website. From optimizing the speed of the website to writing compelling content, the below is top 10 standards need to have when creating an outstanding e-commerce website to maximize your business’s profit.

1. Modern, beautiful website interface. 

The first impression when user access into your website that is design interface. Beautiful or ugly (nice or bad) depends on the individual but there are a few generals standard for a profession and beautiful e-commerce website. A beautiful website will look modern, not too many confusing details, colors are harmoniously coordinated around the main color of the business (logo). Parts and layouts are allocated and streamlined, making it convenient for customers. The home page needs to be invested the most because it will the first visitor’s place.  Then Sub-section pages can logic, simple design.

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2. Compatible with any device (Responsive).

We live in the era of smartphones, with more than half of website traffic coming from mobile devices, Google will go first on mobile devices. E-commerce websites must be available for mobile devices if they are to be displayed in search engines. Your website needs to customize with every device that customers use to access, that will create a better user experience, and the website interface will not be distorted or distorted.

On the enterprise side, this will also create convenience for the salespeople who can be more flexible in introducing products to customers. The fact is that making mobile-friendly e-commerce websites is the most important standard. It is a unique sales proposition. There are also things you can do to increase conversion rates on your mobile device.

3. Protection of customer information by SSL.

Simply put, SSL certificates mean that no one can jeopardize your customer information. When a customer visits a website and the URL is https: // Instead of http: //, that means it is secured by SSL. Customers will receive a clear warning when they come to your site saying they are not protected. They will be turned off by an unsafe commercial platform or may not be able to access your site. And as a result, your sales will decline.

Also, SSL is very important for SEO. Google is concerned about whether users are protected while visiting your site. For this reason, you will need to submit two sitemaps for Google webmaster tools: one for the version of http: // version of your website and one for the version of https: // The version confirmed with Google that your site is safe and available to be indexed.


4. Integrated multiple shipping methods.

Unreasonable shipping method is one of the main culprits causing revenue loss for e-commerce business. Shipping issues must be made before even orders are made. Some of the top reasons why consumers abandon their shopping carts (or a complete seller) are:

  • Delivery fee is too high
  • The payment process takes too much time or is complicated (usually due to complicated transportation)
  • There are no express options (customers do not want to transport more than a week, especially for online customers)
  • Shipping costs are too expensive
  • Too many items are broken or damaged when delivered

If your customer does not receive simple, fast, consistent and reliable shipping services, it will affect your business. The transport process is as automatic and intuitive as possible. This is why e-commerce sites need to optimize not only your website but also your shipping process. Here are some benefits that support effective transportation:

  • Make automatic orders from multiple locations
  • Proposing a variety of shipping methods/units (third parties) to customers’ options
  • High-quality transport vehicle
  • Customer satisfaction about shipping
  • A fast, expandable and reliable shipping platform provided through a third party

Thanks for watching my post. I hope my post brought many exciting things. If you have any question, feel free to feedback here. I and colleagues are willing to support you. Good luck!


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