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Responsive Theme – Response

Responsive Theme – Response

This Reponsive magento theme is developed as html5 boilerplate theme and as direct-useable theme. The CSS is fully rewritten for easier customization and maintenance. Also the performance is highly improved. based on the 16 column Getskeleton.com Grid


Now with both Theme + Boilerplate



  • 1280px+ Wide screens
  • 960px+ laptop screens
  • iPad or table horizontal
  • iPad or table portrait
  • 479px+ Mobile devices
  • iPhone, Android, Windows phone and other smartphones
  • Currently 5 different views all responsive!

Theme features

  • HTML5 template
  • Responsive layout – The magenta shop will show up great on both Macs, Windows, iPad’s, Tablets, iPhones, Android and windows phones)
  • Based on 16 columns skeleton from Getskeleton.com
  • 6px Baseline grid
  • Optimized for SEO. Complete semantic markup with SEO in mind
  • Single and Multi column support
  • Flexslider static block
  • Customized static blocks
  • Custom useable navigation on mobile devices
  • Multi level navigation
  • Grid / List view options
  • Customizable footer blocks
  • Newsletter integration
  • Rewritten template base for cleaner code and easy use as Magento Responsive boilerplate
  • PSD included
  • 1280 wide screen option
  • Back-end control panel for theme customization
  • Horizontal or vertical crosssell products
  • Dynamic getskeleton grid
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