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The Common Flaws with Landing Page


Firstly, look at these stats below: 64% of marketers say that landing pages are the most effective way to best value proposition. 68% of B2B businesses use landing pages to garner a new sales lead for future conversion. 48% of marketers build a new landing page for each marketing campaign. The use of landing page to promote products/services or for …

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Why Flat Design Can Improve Conversion Rates?


In recent years, flat design style became one the of biggest and hottest design trends in the world. Flat design comes to the design world with many advantages. And now, underwent many changes and improvements in style, the flat design 2.0 has been shaped by the designers. It has moved on from being absolute-flat to semi-flat. Flat design 2.0 is still flat, but it …

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Fonts for Web – What is the most popular?


Do you know your Helvetice from your Calibri? What about your slabs from your scripts? Whether you’re a designer, blogger, editor or copywriter, you need to know which typeface is best for you. Serif vs Sans-serif Serif fonts come with small, decorative lines that tail the letters called “serifs”. These are designed to make the typeface easier to read in …

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Essential Factors When Designing UX for Millennials


What do you think about Millennial? They are not just simply people born from 1980 to 2000, they are considered as the generation that holds future on their hands as they have profound influence on most of new trends and Internet usage trend is not an exceptional. You may familiar with some of their statement like “Smartphone never leave my …

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The Anatomy of A Successful Ecommerce Web Design for Small Business


With small business, website is one of the best marketing tools. You can use your website to showcase your products, promote your products or you can sell products directly on your site. To create a successful ecommerce website, there are many aspects about design on your site that you should consider like: design, logo, color, images, navigation, etc… If you’re a …

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The Hottest Landing Page Design Trends That Will Evolve in 2016


Web technology has developed very rapidly in the past few years. In addition to owning the basic features for users, the websites today are increasingly investing more for aesthetics and functionality to bring the best experience to the users. Build a landing-page to promote and selling products/services is not a stranger thing with all ecommerce companies. Create the most effective …

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The Essential Elements For A Successful UX Design

The explosion of information technology era can make us observe various stories about successful companies such as Amazon or Facebook. Some people may say that these firms are all lucky due to operating at the right time. However, they may have not ever thought deeper into the reason why Amazon or Facebook can dominate their marketplace over the multitude of …

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Responsive Design is Important for The Website Today?


Today, we can see that the technology is growing dramatically. It affects many aspects of life and with ecommerce as well. The use of mobile devices is very common in modern life; this makes the ecommerce website owners need to upgrade their website to bring better experiences to their customers who access via mobile devices. The responsive design is a …

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Get More Revenue With Incremental Design Changes


If you are in eCommerce industry, you will understand thoroughly that people are satisfied when applying design; they always desire to improve and upgrade it. In this case, a question appears that is if they determine to change, what will be the ideal strategy they should apply. Yep, here are the tips for you: Full Redesign When considering about this …

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More About Flat Web Design Trend


In the explosion era of information technology, we can observe a lot of trends appear and develop; some of them are actually so different and unique that not all people can understand and accept at the first time. However, after a period of time, from the small start, they will grow swiftly and Flat web design trend is a typical …

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