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The Pros and Cons of Flat Design in Web Design


Flat design is the term appearing frequently in many technology forums or in the products of technology companies but before we discuss about the three aspects including pros, cons and future of this style, let’s make a brief description about it. Firstly, we want to stress that it is not 3D, only two-dimensional qualities, depth and dimension is omitted. Flat …

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Responsive Web Design and 5 Big Impacts


Responsive Web Design is a great solution for every website owner in the world of mobile today. The RWD allows your site can adapt and bring the good experience for all mobile users. There are many reasons that explain why responsive design is good and important. But, this article will bring 5 important answers for the question: Why all website …

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Google’s Mobilegeddon Aftermath Eight Months


After the release of new mobile ranking system called Mobilegeddon by Google, technology community in particular and people in general all nod and recognize that this system will be the start a revolution and the business that have no a mobile web presence will be affected most. From the result of study on top 10,000 sites, it can be summarized …

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Resizer – New Tool Of Google To Test Your Responsive Design


Responsive web design comes to the life with the advantages that help us to create the mobile friendly website. Responsive design is a design that can stretch and rearrange itself based on the width of the browser rendering the site. This technique works based on a mix of flexible grids and layouts, images and an intelligent use of CSS media …

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How to setup Online Designer Tool on WordPress website?


What is Online Designer Tools? According to Wikipedia, Online Designer tools a.k.a design-your-own designer, it’s a component of a website which used to design, decorate or customize products such as t-shirt, stationary or other customizable products right on website. The Online Designer Tools were developed and used by some specific companies. But in 2007, the consumer editions became available for …

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Personalizing the Mobile Experience with Responsive Web Design


Optimizing the Mobile Experience The users gradually get used to using smart devices to surf web rather than heavy and fixed computers. However, unfortunately, a lot of website owners are still loyal to the sites built for desktop computers, which will limit the traffic from mobile users. Smartphones are changing the form of the internet and websites need to tailor …

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Adaptive Web Design – Do you know it?


Nowadays, a website will not be considered “completed” if it does not support mobile devices. There is amazing fact that at the end of 2011, mobile traffic just accounted for nearly 8% of all observed internet traffic in the United States. But the mobile traffic was up to over 50% in 2014 – a staggering growth! Before, optimized for mobile …

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Responsive Web Design for Future


The explosion of mobile devices has completely changed the way users use the internet. Before, everyone uses computers to browsing websites, but now, the mobile traffic has been a big part of overall web traffic, bigger than desktop traffic. So, the web developers/designs must respond to the user’s demands, mobile friendliness website is essential. Why continue with responsive web design? …

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Responsive Web Design and Mobile SEO Strategy


Mobile Internet usage has overtaken desktop internet usage in 2014 and in near future, the mobile search will overtake desktop search as well. So, in the world of internet where mobile is increasingly dominant, having a mobile friendliness website is becoming essential. SEO – a core component of your digital marketing strategy also need to change. There are many discussions …

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The Notable Web Design Trends for 2016


Like fashion trends, web design trends are also constantly changing to adapt the needs of user. The development of mobile devices has changed the habits of many web users, the number of people who accessing internet via mobile devices is increasing day by day. People are becoming increasingly impatient and user experience now becoming more important than ever. There are …

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